Baboosh Baby

Baboosh! It’s gone!

 When I was pregnant with Hudson I had dreams of losing my baby weight in 3-4 months. Little did I know that I wouldn’t even get to begin working out until 9 weeks post baby (2 months) because my stitches ripped about 2-3 weeks post birth. With that said, Hudson is now 6 months old and I still haven’t quite got to my pre-pregnancy weight yet (but I am within 7 pounds so I am ok with that). Bodies change with babies, you have to get over it basically! The one thing I hated was my belly still looking pregnant post-baby. I used the Baboosh baby taut, which basically holds in your stomach and helps it shrink faster over time (think a modern day, painless corset). I have to say I didn’t wear it near as much as the directions said to, and I still noticed a huge difference after wearing it. My stomach went down much faster from using it and it adjusts with you (via velcro) as you get smaller (along with a good diet and exercise of course). With that said, if you want to get results faster…I would definitely recommend wearing one- just go to the Baboosh Site. Brooke Burke endorses this product and came up with it, so you know it has to be great, look at her after having several kids!



I Love Asos

Maternity fashion for less
Since I am well into my pregnancy (again), I thought I would share with you a great site for fashionable yet affordable maternity clothes. ASOS is great for finding classic pieces and trendy favorites for a great price. I got my dress for my gender reveal party with my first baby at for just $21.10 and that included shipping and tax! That started my asos obsession. Since then it is my go to for maternity staples and awesome maternity and non-maternity dresses that are unique and affordable. If you are pregnant but don’t want to spend a fortune trying to stay fashion forward while you grow, you should check it out! Also keep Asos in mind after baby for fancier dresses that are affordable too!