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Diana Warner Jewelry


Men, this is an easy assignment. If you want to buy your lady a gift go to Diana Warner Studio, Altar’d State, or Obligato (Knoxvillians) and buy her a piece of Diana Warner Jewelry. It really doesn’t matter what you pick- she will love it. There isn’t a piece I don’t like. Diana is a New York designer from Knoxville who styles stars from tv and movies like…Natasha Bedingfield, the “Gossip Girl” Cast, Susan Sarandon and more. You can’t go wrong with her unique and artsy pieces. I got to meet her and look at many pieces yesterday and I was in seventh heaven! You can personalize a piece of jewelry for your special lady or buy a finished piece. You can’t go wrong with Diana Warner guys…Happy Shopping!


South Moon Under

So I am out shopping in the D.C. area with my friend Brittany and we go to a store called South Moon Under. It is a great store that has some pricey things and some not so pricey things. The clothes, handbags, jewelry, swimwear, and menswear were all great. I especially liked this large turquoise handbag that was only $68, but I resisted the urge to buy it. Literally like ten minutes later my only purse I brought with me to D.C. (Pinky) broke. So I went straight back to South Moon Under and bought this awesome leather turquoise bag. I recommend going to southmoonunder.com and shopping around. Do you love my new bag? I do!



Bronze for Summer

I absolutely love Turquoise for Spring/Summer it looks great on everyone. Right now HSN has this bronze cuff with turquoise on sale for $59.90. It is apart of the Studio Barse brand, I love the scroll work, bright color, oxidized finish, adjustability, and the fact that it isn’t your normal gold or silver! Be unique this summer and grab this at HSN.com but not before I do!



It’s Not Easy Finding Green…

If you love green like me you too may have found that it isn’t always easy to come by things in Kelly Green. I have no idea why that is but I remember for the two proms and one pageant I did in high school all I wanted was a beautiful Kelly Green formal dress. Of course I didn’t find it or I wouldn’t still be bitter. One way to wear Kelly Green is in jewelry and Chrome Diopside sometimes called Russian Diopside is the stone for green lovers. It is about 5.5 on the Mohs scale and is actually very affordable if you can find it. It is most desirable in rich Kelly Green and actually I will tell the rest on my video… Check out the video here

Audra’s Pick-Chrome Diopside


Inexpensive Pearls at JTV

Every girl needs a strand of pearls. This cultured freshwater pearl earring/necklace set in silver is a great buy at just $49.99. What I love is that they are not perfectly round and they are large pearls (9mm). They will stand out from the perfectly round stark white plastic ones you see everywhere for about the same price! The luster will amaze you as well as the compliments you will receive. Find these at http://www.jtv.com item number is OMW005W … Love these they instantly make you one classy lady!


Hand Made Jewelry

For my first entry I would like to recommend a go-to place for hand-made jewelry. Ritzy Misfit provides you with custom hand-made jewelry with a unique and organic look and feel. If you want something that not everyone buys at your local mall or jeweler this is for you. You can get a number of different items, reasonably priced I might add. I chose an initial pendant with an “A” for Audra of course. I got mine in silver and almost perfectly round. You can have as abnormally shaped of a pendant as you want, in a variety of colors for more individuality. I was very pleased with my purchase and I have to say that the chain it comes with is pretty sturdy as well (some people cheat you with a flimsy chain.) You can follow @RitzyMisfit or go to www.ritztymisfit.bigcartel.com for more information! They have a plethora of items to choose from, and some are worn by your favorite celebrities!!!