Gift Guide

Here is a great “Gift Guide” including gifts in all price ranges for you all to enjoy. Get these for yourself or for the woman in your life. I tried to incorporate many different types of items that all of us can enjoy.

1. Proactiv+


Proactiv has a brand new and improved line called Proactiv+ they have added advanced skincare ingredients including glycolic acid, prebiotics, kojic acid and other nourishing botanicals, to help heal skin damage related to acne.
*They have added medicine
Antimicrobial benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) in Steps One and Two kills acne-causing bacteria. Now, a different acne medicine, salicylic acid (0.5%), has been added to Step Three to help prevent breakouts by helping keep pores clear of excess oil and dead skin cells.
*Smarter way to heal
Exclusive encapsulated benzoyl peroxide with Smart

TARGET™ technology is designed to guide acne medicine off the skin’s surface — to help minimize dryness and irritation — and deliver it with laser-like precision directly into pores, the target site for killing acne-causing bacteria.
*Built-in hydration
Each step in Proactiv+ contains hydrating skincare ingredients formulated to attract, lock-in and help sustain healthy levels of moisture in your skin.
You can get the 3-step program for under $30! So this would be a great gift for yourself if you are an acne sufferer, or for someone you know that is having skin difficulties. While I am pregnant I am steering clear of as much medicine as possible, but as soon as I can try this new line you can bet I will be. Especially with the breakouts I am sure to face after the depletion of my pregnancy hormones. Can’t wait to let you all know my thoughts on this later! I will say I have used Proactiv for years and it has never ever disappointed me in the past.
2. Valslides workout “Hot In a Hurry” program, slides &/or travel kit with bands


For those of you that aren’t familiar with celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, just know she is the amazing woman behind bodies such as Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bradley Cooper, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck just to name a few. Enough said right? Well she has these amazing slides that she uses to train such clients and amazing bands that come in a travel kit called the Hottie Total Val Gym ($59.95) that I have used and absolutely love! Here is a link to a little overview about how the slides are used which I find useful and hilarious. This is Jennifer Garner on Ellen showing her some of her workout secrets she learned from Valerie Jen Garner on Ellen. Plus she has a brand new 10-day workout plan featuring workouts catered towards and named after different celebrity clients that us normal people can do in our very own homes (which I will be doing after baby Hudson and let you know all the details about) called Hot In A Hurry ($47). Plus one lucky reader/follower will be winning a ValKit for Travel from me very soon so be sure to share/retweet this post!!!! Or if you just want the slides you can get them for just $29.95 in pink, green or black and it comes with workouts mapped out for you to do right away, you can’t go wrong with these Valslides.
 3. Suave Keratin Infusion Line


This line is perfect for winter weather frizz! I don’t know about you but I get some major static this time of year and this smoothing line is perfection for taming wild hair without making it greasy. The Keratin Infusion Line infuses hair with keratin protein and leaves it sleeker, smoother and easier to style everyday. I just recently bought the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo at Walmart for $9.88 in a gift set they have for sale right now. Here is a link to the Walmart Keratin Infusion Gift Set. Once you try out this line you will be addicted like me so stock up on the Walmart deal while it lasts, it would be an awesome stocking stuffer for your mom, sister, girlfriends etc.
4. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots (Glossy in black)

I have been wanting some of this high-quality brand’s wellies for quite some time now. They will run you about $140 at but they are so worth it in my opinion. They are very well-made, high quality boots that you can purchase fleece liners for to turn them into hardcore snow boots as well. They aren’t just for wearing in the rain or snow either, they can be worn just like any other boot you wear on a day to day basis (all the celebs do it). I am in love with mine (I got black) and I would highly recommend them for you or for the woman who has everything that is difficult to buy for. 

5. Wrapped In Red by Kelly Clarkson CD


I am in love with this cd by one of my favorite all-time voices (Kelly Clarkson). Anyone would be happy to add this Christmas cd to their collection (under $8 on itunes by the way and Amazon). I personally think this is the best thing since Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas album from the 90s (maybe even better). Don’t miss out on this one yourself, and give it to the Christmas-lover in your life.
6. OPI Nail Polish Sets

What girl doesn’t love cute nails? They just make you feel put-together and complete…and while other brands like Essie and China Glaze are amazing too, OPI still stays on the longest in my opinion. Here are some gift sets that you cannot go wrong with at Ulta. Most of these will run you just $10-$20. The first one, however, is $49.95.

7. Sexy Little Things Noir Spray

Everyone wants to smell nice, but some perfumes are so expensive! Sexy Little Things Noir packs all the punch of an expensive perfume in an affordable price at Victoria’s Secret. It smells amazing and will only cost you $25! I have several expensive perfumes but this is what I always seem to grab on a daily basis, I always get compliments on it as well. I am addicted and maybe you will be too. Also, a great Christmas gift for friends and loved ones!
Happy shopping everyone!



The Chop

The Chop Julianne Hough

The Chop Julianne Hough

There is a brand new hair-trend out there that is spreading like wild-fire. It is called “the chop”.  We first saw this ‘do last summer on the lovely Julianne Hough. She sports this new ‘do in her upcoming film (out Valentine’s Day) Safe Haven. Which by the way is based on my favorite Nicholas Sparks book thus far. To get back on topic, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens have also jumped on-board this week by getting their own hair chopped into this short, front-layered, long bob-like ‘do.  I personally love this hairstyle, and I have debated getting my super-long hair chopped like Julianne’s since she first sported it last summer.  Should I?  Or shouldn’t I?  Comment below and let me know your thoughts. As soon as I do, all of these lovely starlets will be rocking major hair extension with my luck.  If you are contemplating getting this hairstyle like Suave Professionals® spokeswoman Nicole Richie, here are styling tips straight from  Suave Professionals® Stylist Jenny Cho.

 Here are Suave Professionals® Stylist Jenny Cho’s tips for creating the unstructured look that is full of shine:

· For hair that needs an extra boost of shine, use the NEW Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil as a shine treatment on dry hair before you shampoo. Divide hair into three sections and apply 2-3 pumps of the Styling Oil to each section. Leave in for 5-7 minutes and shampoo as usual.

· If your hair has some natural wave and texture, blow dry hair so that it’s only halfway dry, using fingers for a more natural look.  If you need some help with the wave, blow dry hair completely and wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around a curling iron (alternating each section away from the face and towards the face), leaving ends out for a “messier” texture.  Front sections of hair should be curled away from the face. Tousle curls after they have cooled.

· Part hair to the side, so that it hangs just slightly in front of face, and finish by adding 1-2 pumps of the NEW Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil over the surface of dry hair for radiant shine.

Suave Giveaway!!!


I have teamed up with Suave Professionals and one lucky follower will win a basket-full of their NEW Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Line! To enter get on Twitter within the next seven days and follow @SuaveBeauty and @AudraMcElyea and then tweet this on Twitter (just copy and paste)- “I just entered to win @AudraMcElyea ‘s @SuaveBeauty #GIVEAWAY on @AudrasPicks #AudrasPicks” and you will be entered. If you don’t already have Twitter- you will just have to sign-up.  It isn’t hard and you’ll be so glad you did!



The Chop Nicole Richie

The Chop Nicole Richie

The Chop Vanessa Hudgens

The Chop Vanessa Hudgens

As many of you know, in addition to Audra’s Picks, I have begun a new job as a Contributing Writer for LovingYou as well. My first article just went live so you can click here to read it (please) Audra’s LovingYou article. I will not post on Audra’s Picks about every LovingYou article…so if you want regular updates please follow me on Twitter (because I am on there all the time) @AudraMcElyea Click here to follow @AudraMcElyea. Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy my first article. I will have three more coming next week! Also, for Audra’s Picks I will have a special guest post for me very soon…so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that by following Audra’s Picks on Twitter or Like my Facebook page (info. on this on the right sidebar of the blog)! Thanks for all the support!


Shall We Dance?

It is time to learn more about Dancing with the Stars pro Tristan Macmanus. This will be his third season as a Pro on Dancing with the Stars, after appearing first in the “dance troupe.” He was first partnered with Nancy Grace, then Gladys Knight and now Pamela Anderson. As we all know from hearing him talk he is clearly Irish with an adorable accent we all love! Tristan was born in Dublin and raised in Bray, Co.Wicklow (the next county south of Dublin on the East Coast of Ireland). He toured America with a few shows for a few years and got approached to be a part of DWTS while working on Dirty Dancing on the west end of London and he has been dancing for us since. He has been in the states now since starting the show, but always goes back to Ireland after each season. When asked if he still considers Ireland home he says “Ireland still is and always will be ‘home’. All my family still lives there in Bray.” I asked Tristan if he thought being a part of the “dance troupe” may eventually lead to being an official pro on the show and if he followed the show before appearing on it. “When I joined the troupe I was a pro haha, I think the term is used too loosely but I took it for what it was and thought I could be partnered with somebody and hold my own so I guess once I got my foot in the door I had more of a chance to be partnered than before- luckily for me I got a chance and hope to hold onto it. Touring makes it very difficult to follow the show but I saw the odd dance here and there over the years- you watch out for people you know and wish them well.” One thing you will notice in Tristan’s answers is that he is a very gracious and humble person. The fame from being on the show seems to have no effect on him at all and he truly has his partner’s feelings and needs put above his own. One thing I was interested in knowing is whether or not the pros get to choose the songs they dance to each week. I also wanted to know if Tristan found it harder to come up with choreography to the music given or teaching the choreography to his star. Tristan explained “You can submit songs but you don’t directly get to choose this or that, if you are lucky now and again you get it. We have a great department who makes it possible but I generally think it’s your partners experience so they should have the choice and sometimes you have the same interests and sometimes not but that’s the job as the choreographer to make it work regardless. Choreography is difficult enough to come up with but so is teaching, so neither is harder than the other -sometimes you can’t do your ideas justice and sometimes you can’t do your partner justice.” When asked about any dream partners he may have he said “I don’t have any preferences to who I’d be partnered with each and everybody have different challenges so if they want to dance with you then you can’t go wrong.” Personally, I was hoping for a juicier answer but honestly I love that he is so grounded and that he is willing to work with anyone as long as they are willing to put the work in. With that said, I had to throw in my idea about having an average joe/jane or two thrown into the mix so people like me could have their dancing dreams come true! How fun would that be? When I asked if he thought that could ever actually happen he humbly answered “Well we are all average joes but the show is called Dancing With The Stars so maybe a re-think but I think it is a great idea.” Hear that ABC? He thinks it is a great idea and I have decided it should be called “Dancing with the Stars and You.” So you can go ahead and sign me up for that thanks! Next, I decided to ask the age old question of whether he thinks it is harder for the male or female “stars” to be on the show. “That argument could go on til’ the end of time but you can’t generalize that as much as people want to its entirely up to who you partner- there is always gonna be something that another person is gonna be better at be it man or women there are things that one artist of footballer or basketball star or garbage man can do that another cant! You still do the same things but in different ways and then it’s somebody else’s opinion who did it best.” Very true in that it depends on the person, their abilities, and experiences, I agree. I was also interested to know if one certain dance stood out as his favorite thus far “I don’t really have one that stands out I’ve enjoyed them all maybe your first dance of each season is good for different reasons or whichever dance your partner got the most enjoyment out of is always a nice feeling.” Once again he is thinking about his partner and their feelings awww. How sweet is that? Now it is time to learn a bit more about Tristan and his favorite artists, tv shows and movies. “I love music I love The Doors but I love Irish music as well. Good old trad. music and you can’t compare The Doors to The Dubliners but I love them both- too many to choose. My favorite movie is “The Field” and I love “East of Eden” and “Rebel without a Cause” and “Giant” but I always choose Richard Harris over James Dean.” As for food and sports he shared “,I love lamb and steak, I am a meat and potatoes guy haha football is my favorite sport but again Gaelic football is my heritage and you can’t beat an Amateur sport for pride.” When I asked what he missed most about home and what he enjoys about L.A. he explained “ I miss everything about Home, and the sun always shines in California.” I would say those are extremely different in terms of weather especiallly, but I am glad he enjoys being in both places. We definitely want to keep him around! Like many, I wondered if the pros on the show hung out a lot outside of work and Tristan shared “I’m friends with a lot of the pros we don’t necessarily hang out all the time but we get on, me and Sasha and Peta go way way back so it’s great to see them do so well but I’ve just gotten started to know the rest and everybody is pretty cool for different reasons- maybe not close friends but I enjoy their company, I like Val a lot too, he is a cool guy with very interesting thoughts.” I often notice that unlike some, Tristan seems to be great about keeping his cool with his partners and not getting angry and frustrated with them. When asked what the secret was to doing so he shared “the secret is remembering that they are not dancers, they have made a choice to step out of their comfort zone and try their best to get better and keep me employed!! Nobody wants to do average, everyone is trying their hardest I’m not the quickest at picking things up and I hate someone barking at me about it and I am my worst critic when I’m not doing as good as I want to at things and they are the exact same. I’m doing what I know but they are learning what they don’t.” Sounds like he would be the most understanding pro to have to me! He couldn’t be more considerate. I love when the pros dance with each other and we can see what they can really do. I asked Tristan if he had a preference or favorite pro to dance with. “All the dancers on the show are great, I enjoy dancing with them all and because they are all so different it gives me an opportunity to improve all the time and take things from them that I’d like to try teach my partners.”
On a completely different note We all have guilty pleasure whether it be chocolate, salty chips or watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” but when I asked Tristan for a few of his he said “Whiskey and women” hahaha so honest he is. Now back to being on topic! We all want to know who the couple to beat is this time around on DWTS. Cheryl Burke recently claimed the athletes/Olympians are the ones to watch out for when asked on “The View.” When I asked Tristan he said “I try take a different mentality to the competition, you can’t control what others do you can only control what you do and that’s the plan to stick to- if your partner feels like she has done her best and is happy well… that’s the competition beat.” Such a good and realistic outlook to have on the competition! As for an All Star show being more pressure since no one is starting from scratch Tristan agreed “the expectations will be higher from the show, the judges, and the viewers- but pressure is for car tires. You can only do your best and decide how much pressure you want to put on your own shoulders, the rehearsals start and the blinkers go on and you focus on your own objectives. The show should get tougher each season but if you are part of it then you are doing something right.” I think that we can all agree that Tristan is doing something right and I look forward to more seasons with him on it! Tristan finally has a twitter account for us to keep up with him @TristanMacManus so go follow him today. I personally cannot wait for Monday to get here and even though I will be on vacation I plan to watch! Best of luck to Tristan and Pam and the rest of the couples. Tune in September 24th for DWTS All Stars! A big thank-you to Tristan for being a part of this interview and letting us get to know him better and see what a great person he is. Below are pictures of Tristan and his partners …and Tristan and Chelsie Hightower when they were voted as viewers’ favorite pros for “Design a Dance.”




Three Albums To Try

I would like to share three albums I would recommend purchasing. First of all I just purchased Pink’s latest late last night called “The Truth About Love”. She always has the catchiest pop/rock tunes along with some powerful raspy ballads. I am a huge fan of raspy voices like Pink, Phillip Phillips, Demi Lovato, etc. This album does not disappoint with catchy pop hits such as the future Friday 5:00 radio hit with Eminem “Here Comes The Weekend.” It also features ballads that remind us of her incredible vocals like “The Great Escape” and witty songwriting such as “The Truth About Love.” All around it is worth buying.

Next is my favorite album of the last few years John Mayer’s “Born and Raised.” I don’t know many people that purchased it since it wasn’t heavily promoted due to John Mayer’s current inability to sing due to damaged vocal chords but this is his best yet. It is a shame it wasn’t marketed well because it is a folk/pop combo album that somehow is the most genius combination as odd as is sounds. I love “Born and Raised Reprise” the best but they are all absolutely wonderful mostly low to mid tempo chillaxing songs. Do yourself a favor and buy this (even if you don’t like him) his music and voice are so amazing!!! Looove this.

Last, my first Carrie Underwood album. “Blown Away” is great. I have denied her albums before but this album was so catchy I could no longer resist. She mixes up-tempo hits like “Good Girl” with some mid-tempo ones such as “Do You Think About Me”and ballads with great stories like “Blown Away.” The variety makes for a non-boring album you will enjoy! Plus I love the island-feel of “One Way Ticket” maybe the most …just because it isn’t Carrie-typical.

Those are my music picks for 2012 thus far!! Let me know your thoughts!





Best Dressed This Week

Blake Lively at the premiere of “Savages” in Zuhair Murad Couture

Eva Longoria At the Monte Carlo TV Festival closing ceremony in a Marchesa origami gown

Jennifer Aniston celebrates Shirley MacLaine’s AFI Life Achievement Award in a Burberry gown

Katy Perry at “The Tonight Show” in Roland Mouret





Best Dressed This Week (Thus Far)

Best Dressed of The Week (thus far)

Eva Longoria- in Victoria Beckham at David Letterman

Miranda Kerr- in Carla Zampatti at The Women of Style Awards in Sydney

Kate Middleton- in Jenny Packham At a gala at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the countdown to the London Olympic Games.

Nicole Scherzinger- in Herve L. Leroux at the Men In Black 3 Premiere

Diane Kruger- in a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown at the Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria- in Marchesa at the Cannes Film Festival

Jenny McCarthy- in Michael Kors at the NBC Upfront Event

Charlize Theron- in Christian Dior at the UK Premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman









Desperate For More Housewives

For all you Desperate Housewives fans that watched the series finale last night I am curious to hear your thoughts on the ending! (Spoiler Alert). I was happy with the ending even though they didn’t wrap everything up in a bow like I wanted. I definitely shed tears the last half hour and will definitely not know what to do on Sunday nights now. I really wanted more closure on what became of Susan Delfino since she was the only one we didn’t get a future glimpse of. I think she probably re-married after a few years of healing from the move and from Mike’s death. Also I wanted to know what ever happened to Orson Hodge, I was pretty upset they made him a villain after all he did for Bree in the past seasons. They were a perfect match back then but I have to say Trip was a great match for her too. I also was upset that there was no ghost of Edie Britt seeing Susan off. She was one of my favorite characters for many seasons. But unless you are living under a rock you cannot be surprised she wasn’t a guest star with all the courtroom drama going on between her and Marc Cherry. All in all, I think it was a good ending even though I would have rather everyone grow old together on Wisteria Lane… but their way was a bit more realistic. I was very happy that Tom and Lynette finally worked things out and that she finally learned to shutup about certain things! I wanted to shake her when she pulled the whole NYC job thing behind Tom’s back and apparently so did Felicity Huffman, if you follow her on twitter. McCluskey’s death was so sad that I apprecaited them showing it with happy clips of Julie giving birth to spare me a little bit of heartache. She was such a fiery but warm character that we all grew to love. I also appreciate that Gaby and Carlos continued “happily fighting” in the future because they, like me and my husband, wouldn’t be them without some lovey bickering. I would love to hear your thoughts on the end too. Join me on Netflix where I have been watching old seasons for the last month (Currently on Season 4). Season 3 and 4 are my favorites!!!!! Goodbye ladies 😦

My favortie series of all time are…..
Desperate Housewives




Princess of Chynna- Chynna Phillips


I am very excited to be able to chat with the lovely Chynna Phillips (most famous for being in the group Wilson Phillips.) She is a talented singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, wife to Billy Baldwin, mother to three, and daughter of The Mamas & the Papas band members John and Michelle Phillips. She is also a sweetheart who was nice enough to take the time to answer my many questions! (A)-Audra (C)-Chynna

(A) I am a huge fan of DWTS can you tell me how that experience was last season and with whom you are still friends?

(C) Next to raising sane, law abiding, respectful children, DWTS is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still friends with Kristin & with Carson. It was so intense, and we were all working so hard, we didn’t really have the chance to “hang out” unless it we saw each other at the dance studios or we were blocking or it was a show day, which was the only time we were really together.

(A) I heard QVC has been taking early orders on Wilson Phillips’ new album “Dedicated” tell me about the new album and about the exclusivity with QVC…

(C) It wasn’t necessarily an “exclusive”, but you could pre-order our album on QVC prior to its release and like we did with Barnes & Noble, if you did, your cd from QVC or B & N comes with a “bonus disk” of some of the album sung a cappella. We often will ask our producers to mute the music after we record something so that we can hear what our voices sound like on their own – now we’re letting our fans hear it too. The album means a lot to us as they are the songs that crowned our parents into rock history. They’re songs that – even if you know nothing about music – you know most of the lyrics to. It’s amazing how wide and global an audience they had back then -before the internet was even a possibility.

(A) I read that “Hold On” was actually written about your struggle in the 90s with drugs and alcohol how hard is that to avoid in Hollywood/The Industry?

(C) Ehh, not really – I mean, there are shades of accuracy in that statement. Never believe everything you read! In the mid-80s, I had a lot demons. I was a teenager – I wrote that song as a teenager – and at the time was suffering from feelings of abandonment from my dad, and anxiety (something I still struggle with today). Instead of facing it head on, I turned to drugs and alcohol which brought me down quick. And then one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. That moment, I stopped drinking, went to therapy and really dug down deep, and wrote that song, sort of as an anthem for myself. But to answer your question, I think that the prevalence to become addicted to drugs and alcohol is no greater than it would be on your own neighborhood block or in your apartment building. It’s just publicized.

(A) I heard you became a Christian in 2003-or 04 I believe… I am as well can you tell me about that life changing experience and how it has changed you and those around you?

(C) I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but I really took Jesus into my heart. I’m not one for organized religion – I’d bounce around from church to church when I was younger… there was an article in Newsweek this week that talked about how so many more people are leaving organized religion behind and just following the light of Jesus – that’s sort of my motto. But yeah, when I really accepted Jesus, and made a promise to him, my life was completely changed. Like a weight off of my shoulder. I pray everyday. Sometimes so much that people tease me – but I don’t care. It helps me stay grounded. If I’m anxious about something, I just put it in His hands and trust that everything will work out as it should. To me, it’s about having Faith.

(A) I love all the Baldwins are they all pretty close to each other?

(C) They are brothers. I’m sure you know what the dynamics of being and having brothers can be like.

(A) What was it like growing up with famous parents?

(C) Interesting. I had a very interesting childhood. I had some amazing experiences and some not so amazing experiences.

(A) How was it being apart of the smash hit “Bridesmaids”?

(C) It sort of fell out of the sky for us. We didn’t have the script and really had no idea what we were getting into, but we thought “it’s Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig – how bad can it be?” We sang Hold On for 8 hours that day, but it was a BLAST. We were so fortunate to be a part of such a huge film. It gave us a real shot in the arm, you know?

(A) Tell me about Wilson Phillips’ new reality show…

(C) We have a new reality TV show called WILSON PHILLIPS: STILL HOLDING ON. It’s on TV Guide Network every Sunday at 9/8Central. You’re going to see what it’s like to have to work every day with your best friends. It’s not always three part harmony as I’m SURE you can imagine! We were very apprehensive when they came to us with the idea – they basically had to convince us – but they did! And I’m glad, because for as much drama as you will see there was to film, there was an equal amount of love to film! We’re pretty funny for a bunch of middle-aged moms, if you ask me.

To keep on topic with Audra’s Picks share some of your picks in these categories…

How you stay fit…

I carry 1 lb weights with me wherever I go. Like, in my bag, right now. Just little 1 lb dumbbells, and I use them whenever I’m just sitting around. I also do yoga. And I get PLENTY of sleep. I live the Body-Ecology diet. If you haven’t read the book, you should. It will change your life. It’s all about food blending (what foods just don’t go together) and balancing your acidity and alkalinity in your body. I’m also gluten & dairy free and eat a lot of cultured vegetables. My best friend found out she had celiac a few years ago and we compared notes. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but once I stopped eating gluten and dairy, I felt like an entirely different person. Gluten is the devil!


I use a brand called Youthology. I am obsessed with my Luxsauna spa. Seriously obsessed. It’s the greatest thing in the entire world and I really feel like if I don’t spend 10 to 15 minutes in it a day, the day ends up crappy. I really think that hydro/heat therapy really can alter your mood. Make sure you get plenty of sun, and sweat out the toxins whenever you can.


Organic shampoo. Something without phosphates. I have an addiction to Whole Foods so I tend to sample a different brand of shampoo from their shelf every time I go.


I wear a lot of Urban Decay but my must have is a Maybelline Expert Eyes Velvet black eye pencil. Chynna also uses YOUNG BLOOD makeup.

Fav TV Show…

Can you believe we don’t have a TV in my house? I will watch some things on Hulu – New Girl is pretty funny. So is Happy Endings and Modern Family.

Fav Movie…

I really only like documentaries, if you can believe it – and I watch EVERYTHING out there. Bully recently moved me to an ugly cry 🙂

Fav actor/actress…

Billy Baldwin (haha). And Julianne Moore. She’s truly an icon of our generation.

Fav Musician…

Big fans of Lady Antebellum, I think Katy Perry is very talented – have you heard her acoustic? When she strips away the pop and bass – that girl can sing… but honestly I don’t really have favorites – I listen to everything. (I agree with Chynna about Katy Perry I love her songs and the acoustic version of “The One That Got Away” is vocally fantastic!)


I love retro / antique jewelry. Something understated but vintage.

(A) What are three surprising facts about you?…

1- When I’m on tour, I lug around a HUGE suitcase full of icepacks containing fresh, organic vegetables, kefir, and anything else I think I’ll eat while I’m away … and a portable steamer. I cook everything I eat in my room even if it doesn’t have a kitchen. I’m a traveling kitchen, really. It’s a lot of work to plan menus for four or five days on the road, but it’s 100% worth it.

2- I am writing a screenplay with the help of a friend.

3- In 6th grade I won an award for having the best penmanship in the entire

(A) How would your husband/kids/best friends describe you?…


(A) What life advice would you give to your fans?…

(C) Listen to yourself, above all others.

Thank you Chynna for sharing with us at be sure to watch Wilson Phillips’ new show, listen to their new album and follow Chynna on twitter @ChynnaPhillips


Keeping Up With Kacie


I am so glad to share the charm of Kacie Boguskie with you all. I have known her for years and years and I can gladly say that she is still our same Kacie after her “Bachelor” fame. (We twirled baton together at The University of Tennessee GO VOLS!) Yes she is just as sweet as you all saw on TV and I am so proud that she has also been a good Christian example. It is surreal watching a friend on TV, much less getting her heart broken for all to see. I found myself getting very upset for her especially when certain digs were made at her expense. She was definitely the fan favorite for those of you that didn’t already know her too. All of our hearts broke for her when she was sent home clearly very hurt. Lets hope she finds her prince soon, that she is so deserving of. Since you all had so many questions about her, I have asked her some of your burning questions! (A)-Audra (K)-Kacie

A-Who are your friends from “The Bachelor” and will you and Courtney be friends?

K-I’m friends with most of the girls 🙂 I think my bff is Monica. Maybe removed from the show Courtney and I can start fresh and see… who knows!

A-Are you going to do “Bachelor Pad”?

K-That’s a good question. We’ll see!!

A-Do you think Ben and Courtney are in love?

K-I think Ben and Courtney are in love and I hope they last.

A-Would you date Ben now if he asked?

K-NO, Ben and I are two different people, be friends, yes, lovers… nahhh

A-Would you be “The Bachelorette”? If not you, who would you pick to be “The Bachelorette”?

K-I think it depends on where I am in my life as to if I would or not, but if not me I would pick Emily… Why not keep the Emily trend going!

A-Are you going to watch Emily’s season?

K-Of course! I think she’s a great girl and I hope things work out for her this time!

A-What country was your favorite to visit?

K-My favorite tropical place was Belize, but I LOVED Switzerland.

A-What did you girls do on non-date days?

K-Our nails!!!

A-Was it hard to keep it a secret from everyone before you left?

K- It was, you are about to up and just disappear. I had friends who actually thought I was mad at them for not responding for so long.

A-Was it hard having no contact with family/friends?

K-Very hard, the people you value the most you can’t share the most exciting and important things that are going on in your life with.

A-What was your highest and lowest point during the experience?

K-There were so many highs, but being dumped was the lowest for sure!!

A-Do you have any regrets about your time on the show?

K-I have zero regrets about the show. I try to live my life with no regrets! I do know that only wonderful things have come from it .

A-In theme with “Audra’s Picks” tell us your favorite picks in the following categories…

Fitness: Johnny Long’s Training
Academy Boot Camp and running

Haircare: Pantene

Makeup: Every kind… fav mascara: Yes! They’re real by Benefit and MAC foundation

Skincare: Rodan and Fields
(Kacie is now a representative for Rodan and Fields Skincare line follow her @Kacielynnb for more info)

Jewelry: CCSkye, Dogeared

Fashion: Depends on my mood, always love BCBG and Forever 21… loving JCrew this season

Movies: PS I love you… Basically sappy movies and romantic comedies… bascially anything lol

Music: Country, R&B, Rap… everything again

Actor: Matthew McConaughey

Actress: Rachel McAdams (Love that Rach is her fav too, mine are Jenn Garner and Rachel)

A-What are your religious beliefs?

K-I am a Christian who believes in one God. He guides me through everything.

A-Who inspires you?

K-My parents, they both love and support me.

A-What are your career goals?

K-I hope to one day start an organization to help teens and young adults with eating disorders. I know that it would have helped me tremediously if I had had something like that. (I love that Kacie feels so strongly about helping other girls with eating disorders. Having had one myself I agree it would have helped to talk to someone who had already dealt with it. I hope she gets this started!)

A-How do you get your hair so straight?

K-Lots of TLC and amazing hair products!! Biosilk is my hero.

A-How do you look so tan?

K-I’m naturally dark, but when I need a boost I get a spray tan, or use Loreal Sublime self tanner.

A-Are you dating anyone right now, are you and Ryan dating?

K-I’m not dating anyone exclusively right now. Ryan and I are great friends so far, and see each other when we’re in the same city. He’s an amazing person.

A-How has “The Bachelor” changed your daily life?

K-It makes it a little harder to run to the store in your sweats because you might have a few photo ops, but other than that it really seems to be pretty normal… but then again, what is normal??

A-What are your hobbies?

K-I love to run, workout, read, play with kids, shop, bike, sit on a patio with friends, travel, etc. (How adorable is she?)

A-What are three surprising facts about you?

K- 1. I’m horrible at returning e-mails.
2. I can’t understand rap songs and make up my own lyrics
3. I HATE mayonnaise

A-What are the most important things you look for in a mate?

K-They are a Christian, embrace every minute of life, outgoing, my best friend, and wants to make the world a better place.

I really hope Kacie finds her prince soon but if she doesn’t in the next year lets hope she will be “The Bachelorette.” She would be one of the most fun to watch and it would be more wholesome, like I anticipate Emily’s season will be. Follow the lovely Kacie on twitter @Kacielynnb for more! Love her and love you! Pic of Kacie and I below!


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