I am sitting here struggling with something to cover for my blog when all I can think about is this past month and how rough it has been. I have struggled with various health issues which are still unresolved but are less hindering, and I have struggled with finding the right job for a while now. I have had many recent disappointments in that arena on top of my health woes. That is why I have been MIA. With that said, I am thankful for my Faith and my family for helping me get through what has been a pretty rough 2012 for me. I am blessed to know and trust that despite my heartache that all things happen for a reason (aka God’s will). I also have a great friend my Brit who along with my husband and family have helped me through this past year. I am thankful for them, and my God. Without sounding too negative or “woe to me like” I have also learned who my real friends are. The ones who can be there during the good times aren’t always there for you when the crap hits the fan… I will try to learn from that and when someone is going through some difficulties really try to reach out more and check up on them. No one is perfect and we all get busy but let’s really try to comfort and be there for one another when we are hurting. With that said, let’s try to take this holiday season to learn from our mistakes and let God remain in control. I am trying to worry less and be more thankful for what I do have. I live in a country that, despite it’s poor economy, is for the most part safe, I have food, shelter, a husband that is my best friend, great parents and family, and some friends that feel like family. All due to God because he loves me and knows the big picture of my life and what I need to learn -that I am too ignorant to see yet. Continue to pray for me and my doctors for a clear cut diagnosis. Here’s to 2013- I am ready!