Jane Iredale- BeautyPrep skincare line


 I was so excited to learn that Jane Iredale was starting a skincare line this Spring! I have tried all three of their BeautyPrep products and I have been happy with the results, and the safety of the products themselves. Like their makeup, they are free of harmful toxins, chemicals, (even gluten) and are cruelty free. Especially when you are pregnant, this is music to your ears. I like to say, “if you can’t use it when you’re pregnant, you probably shouldn’t use it ever.” -Am I right though? There are so many foods and products they ask us to avoid when pregnant, that we probably shouldn’t use ever! What I like about the entire Jane Iredale brand is that you never have to worry about any of that. Plus Jane Iredale  consists of VERY high quality makeup and skincare ingredients. 

I will say that the beautyprep facial cleanser (step 1) takes a little getting used to. It is designed not to be washed off, so it is the consistency of water. So make sure you have a cottonball handy for use, because it comes out fast. The toner (refines pores) and moisturizer (helps makeup last longer and keeps skin smooth) that follow are used like most (steps 2 and 3). The moisturizer is my favorite! It leaves you with a fresh and clean smell that feels AMAZING  (what you smell is the organic lemongrass extract). I would definitely recommend this line, you just feel like you are being kind to your skin when you use it. It almost feels like you went to a fancy spa after every use. I would love to know your thoughts when you try it out, so comment below.




Two of my favorite non-toxic brands for babies (and you) 

When I was pregnant with Hudson in 2013 I wasn’t aware of mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, fragrance and all of the other “bad ingredients” in baby and beauty products. Soon after he was born (Christmas night 2013) I started doing my research, and found out that most brands contain these harmful ingredients as well as other chemicals. Since then, I have found several safe brands (thanks to Ewg.com ‘s help). Two of my favorite baby brands are The Honest Company and Babyganics. Some products I prefer one brand over the other, but I really trust and enjoy both brands, and use them for myself (pregnant or not) and Hudson daily.

The Honest Company- Organic Healing Balm

I use this for cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, zits, chapped lips, hands and cheeks. It is amazing and one tube lasts forever! This is a great switch from bad things like Aquaphor.

Babyganics- Bubble bath

I use this to shave my legs and wash with and to wash Hudson (hair and body)

The Honest Company- Organic Body Oil

I use this alone or mixed with body lotion for stretch marks or just to moisturize (body and face- yes I said face). Also, add a drop to foundation that is too thick to thin it out or revive it.

Babyganics- Daily Lotion

I use on my face and body (alone or mixed with the body oil I mentioned)

The Honest Company and Babyganics- Sunscreen

I love both!

The Honest Company- Multi-Surface Cleaner

I use this absolutely everywhere! Counters, floors, Hudson’s mattress after a leak, you name it!

There are many more from each company that I love and use but these are a great start! Hope you enjoy!



Baboosh Baby

Baboosh! It’s gone!

 When I was pregnant with Hudson I had dreams of losing my baby weight in 3-4 months. Little did I know that I wouldn’t even get to begin working out until 9 weeks post baby (2 months) because my stitches ripped about 2-3 weeks post birth. With that said, Hudson is now 6 months old and I still haven’t quite got to my pre-pregnancy weight yet (but I am within 7 pounds so I am ok with that). Bodies change with babies, you have to get over it basically! The one thing I hated was my belly still looking pregnant post-baby. I used the Baboosh baby taut, which basically holds in your stomach and helps it shrink faster over time (think a modern day, painless corset). I have to say I didn’t wear it near as much as the directions said to, and I still noticed a huge difference after wearing it. My stomach went down much faster from using it and it adjusts with you (via velcro) as you get smaller (along with a good diet and exercise of course). With that said, if you want to get results faster…I would definitely recommend wearing one- just go to the Baboosh Site. Brooke Burke endorses this product and came up with it, so you know it has to be great, look at her after having several kids!


A Toxic Life

If you follow Audra’s Picks on Facebook then you saw my post recently stating that “apparently the average woman leaves the house with about 30 different products on containing harmful parabens everyday! Deodorant, hair products, makeup, moisturizer, lotion…all potentially harmful to your body and unregulated by the FDA. Even the big brands you probably assume are “natural” or “organic” because they insinuate that they are…I am really trying to cut as many parabens as possible” and I am posting today to share some of my finds with you! I know I sound granola but we only have one body one life… This is a small start, and as I become more educated and find more great brands I will let you know. Also, I wanted to let you know that there is an app you can download called EWG’s Skin Deep, that lets you scan the barcode to any cosmetic product and they will give it a rating from 1-10 (1 being almost harmless and 10 being so bad you should probably toss it). This is currently the only form of regulation that exists that I have been able to find. Also, the ratings can be misleading due to a lack of information from certain companies, but so far it is all we have. Here is a link to a list of companies/brands (mostly very small and expensive) that are paraben free, paraben free brands. If you can afford them, that is great. I cannot, so here are some cheaper finds that I have discovered so far…

Safe Brands for an easy start
Boots Botanics- this is a line from Boots (think No 7) that is completely paraben free- you can even find it at Target. I have started with the eyeshadow and love it!

Jason- I use their paraben and aluminum free deodorant for now, but they have lots of paraben free products

Suave natural infusion- like Pureology, this entire line is paraben free without the expensive price tag, I use the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

Burt’s Bees- you will pay a little more for lotions, lip balm etc. but they are truly very good products

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear- this is a specialized organic line, they don’t have a ton of product yet but I hear the mascara is great!

Hope this helps for those interested!

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Here are two I have added so far
Faqs on safe cosmetics
And a quote by Dr. Soram Khalsa- famous eastern/western medicine guru
“A Toxin called Phthalates are found in personal care products. An average women puts on 9 personal care products a day. That’s shampoo, cream rinse, make up and creams. There are 14 chemicals found in each of these products. We walk out of our homes each day having applied 126 CHEMICALs to our bodies. Phthalates are increasing linked to breast cancer.

Also look up Parabens, Mineral Oil/ Petrolateum (no these are not minerals- they are oil drilling by products that are polluting our bodies with HydroCarbons), Sodium Laureth Sulfates and SO MANY more.”

I Love Asos

Maternity fashion for less
Since I am well into my pregnancy (again), I thought I would share with you a great site for fashionable yet affordable maternity clothes. ASOS is great for finding classic pieces and trendy favorites for a great price. I got my dress for my gender reveal party with my first baby at us.asos.com for just $21.10 and that included shipping and tax! That started my asos obsession. Since then it is my go to for maternity staples and awesome maternity and non-maternity dresses that are unique and affordable. If you are pregnant but don’t want to spend a fortune trying to stay fashion forward while you grow, you should check it out! Also keep Asos in mind after baby for fancier dresses that are affordable too!