Jane Iredale Summer Collection and Jane Iredale BB Cream

Okay, so I am in love! I’m not really a foundation girl, but I absolutely love Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream. I would consider it more of a foundation as is, compared to most bb creams. Most bb creams I have tried (Garnier, Proactiv) are runny like a moisturizer- with a hint of color. This is thicker like a medium coverage foundation (but it also moisturizes and provides sun protection). This is like a miracle product though, because as soon as I tried it I panicked. I put it on my face and was so disappointed that it didn’t match. It was far too yellow, even for my yellow-toned skin. I continued to rub it in anyway, and it magically changed to the perfect shade! It was like magic, no lie! I was amazed! I even made my mom try it and the same thing happened for her. I can’t explain it, but it actually says it will match your skin in the description, and that is no lie. I add a little moisturizer to it if I want lighter coverage, and use as is for a heavier coverage, it’s great! It does leave you with a dewy natural finish as well, which I love! So there’s my glowing review of the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream! Literally use it as a concealer if you want as well…(also a little goes a long way, this tube will last forever) love love love!

On to the summer collection (blushes/bronzer, brow powder, lip balm). These colors are amazing! I especially love the bronzers! The blush/bronzers are so shimmery for more of a “Nars Orgasm” shade use “rose dawn” blush bronzer. I love to use this one as a blush alone- it has the perfect pale pink touch with a shimmer that gives you an amazing sheen! Use “sunbeam” if you have darker skin and want a similar blush, or if you want a bronzer with a touch of pink to it. “Sunbeam” is a great blush/bronzer hybrid if you just buy one only. Then I love “moonglow” as my straight up bronzer/contour. They are all shimmery and gorgeous! Also, they are sectioned into ombre shades so they would be perfect to use as eyeshadows as well (genius)!!!! 

Next is the lip balm- perfect touch of color with spf protection, throw it in your bag for the summer-easy peasy! I used the brunette eyebrow powder and it is great, but the best part is the applicator. It trumps any other I have ever used- worth buying just for the brush alone! Best brow brush bar none, enough said there…just buy it! 

As usual all Jane Iredale products are non-toxic and safe to use! I am going to giveaway a special Summer Collection product to one lucky follower! Please post a link to this review on Facebook or Twitter to enter, be sure to use #AudrasPicks ! Follow Audra’s Picks for more (instagram, facebook and twitter links on my homepage) giveaway ends July 22!




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