Zap Zits

If you struggle with acne or just the occasional pimple caused by stress or hormones, I have an amazing product to share with you. The Tanda Zap is literally a miracle gadget, even my husband was amazed at it’s powers. The Tanda Zap is an at-home acne device that you simply hold to your pimple (treat one at a time) for two minutes (the device times itself and turns off automatically after two minutes) and it magically kills the acne causing bacteria under your skin with safe but effective blue-light therapy. It also uses sonic vibrations and warms the affected area to open up your pores. This device has the same professional pimple-killing quality that your dermatologist uses at the office, for a fraction of the price. Even Dr. Oz swears by this device, as do many top-selling magazines that you probably have picked up numerous times throughout your lifetime for beauty advice. You simply press the button and hold the Zap to your acne three times a day for two minutes (device is good for 1,000 uses) and it comes with three triple A batteries for your convenience. I took some before and after photos of myself when I had two really good zits to treat (yes I have no shame, and you better appreciate these embarrassing photos people) to show you how this works in just a matter of two to three days. I recently bought my second Tanda Zap through Groupon for only $25, but it is going to run around $50 everywhere else (which honestly is totally worth it to me). I hope this helps some of you acne sufferers, it sure is nice for me to know if I get a quick zit that I have an emergency backup plan! It also can be used as a preventative measure as well!



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