Workout with Kate Hudson

Who doesn’t have a woman-crush on the gorgeous, talented and super-fit Kate Hudson? I don’t even watch Glee, but I had to tune in to see Kate sing and dance because she is one of my favorite triple-threats! Kate has recently co-founded Fabletics, which makes active-wear to die for, that won’t break your budget. Think Lululemon, but affordable! I am sold on Fabletics, plus they give you 50% off your first outfit and free shipping for signing up on their website They ask you several questions and even give suggestions to items you may like! Genius! The items I started off with were the Lima Capri in black, the Luena legging in black, and the Norwalk tank in white/bright aqua. A long black legging and a cropped legging are staples every girl needs to have, and these are WONDERFUL! They are 88% Polyester/12% Spandex and offer a smooth, chafe-resistant design. They are also nice and thick (but not too thick) so you can’t see through them like a lot of cheaper leggings, and you can even wear them with normal clothes too because there isn’t a huge logo anywhere visible either. The norwalk tank is great because it is super cute and loose, and since I just had a baby 4 months ago I don’t exactly want a skin tight top yet. It gets as tight as you want at the bottom so if you are doing yoga or pilates and have to bend over, your shirt doesn’t constantly ride up revealing your belly for all to see…gasp! I love the bright colors they offer in this norwalk tank, plus I love that you get a tank and sports bra in one piece so you don’t have to go searching for two separate pieces, cause “ain’t nobody got time fo that!” Haha!


Hope you enjoy this fabulous line! I know I will be going back for more!


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