Proactiv BB

Holiday Gift Guide-

Stress-free Skincare  
My skin always gets the best of me around the holidays…and every holiday season I start using my Proactiv or Proactiv+ yet again. Anytime I get stressed I start getting those awful cyst-like pimples on my chin, it never ever fails. When that happens, or when I think it may happen I like to just go ahead and start my Proactiv regimen again. This year I have proactively used Proactiv+, pun intended haha, and I have been good so far! I just wanted to share with you how amazing their BB cream is. I was not aware they had one, or the other plethora of products they carry as single items like concealer or primer but they do! How amazing is it to know you can use makeup that helps prevent breakouts now? I had to share. I am using the BB cream in light as my moisturizer, sunscreen, and light sheer tint and I love it. It doesn’t break me out and it doesn’t feel greasy either, and it had a fresh wonderful sunscreen smell which I love!!! Just wanted to remind you, if you are breaking out… that there is always Proactiv and it has worked for me for ten+ years! Here is a link to all their products in their catalog Proactiv Catalog



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