Jane Iredale

A great chemical free makeup brand- Jane Iredale

If you are like me and are trying to steer clear or at least cut back on toxic chemicals found in just about every makeup brand out there (don’t think yours is? Then check it on EWG Skin Deep’s website or use their EWG Skin Deep app to find out) then Jane Iredale is a great choice. You can buy at your dermatologist’s office, Overstock.com for an occasional deal, or JaneIredale.com. I have been buying the loose mineral powder on Amazon and I recently won several products through a Twitter contest held by Jane Iredale. I won the City Nights Collection Jelly Jar gel eyeliner in green and purple which I love because they add a fun pop of color to your eyes without being “loud” or going overboard. If you want to add a bit of edge but are a little conservative, this would be great for you! I also won the Kir Royale Puregloss Lip Gloss and the Katerina Puremoist Lipstick, both are superb but the lipstick is my favorite lip color ever! It is a nice wine-berry color that is bold, but not too bright or too dark, and the shade will absolutely compliment all skin colors! It is my pick for this collection-hands down! I also got the 24-Karat gold dust, silver dust and bronze dust…these are glittery sparkles sent from heaven! I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to make glitter that is more of a shimmery highlighter than your typical “glitter” makeup. This is a costly item but if you are going to splurge and use sparingly for special occasions, then you can justify it in my opinion…because it is like a little miracle! You would probably just have to use it to believe me. The bronze is a great bronzer, the gold and silver are great facial highlighters! I buy/use the Jane Iredale Amazing Loose Mineral Powder as well and I get it on Overstock for about $25. I like it because it is light but covers and unlike a lot of powders it doesn’t accentuate wrinkles. I like to use my Yes To Carrots Fragrance Free moisturizer and then put this on before my face dries completely to also negate the powder-wrinkle problem a lot of people have. This kind of creates a tinted moisturizer look. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with Jane Iredale, and buy on Overstock if you think it is too pricey…your body will thank you down the road for spending a little more to keep your body safe from cancer causing chemicals found in most cosmetics!!! 



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