Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2- Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation   

So far I am so pleased with Honest Beauty (by The Honest Company). I decided to start the line by trying their everything cream foundation ($30 by itself or bundle 3 products for $50). It had great reviews online except a few thought it a tad too thick. I was afraid it would be too liquidy and leave me with an oily face like most creamy foundations, but luckily I was wrong. This is the perfect texture in my opinion- it doesn’t feel too thick or too liquidy. It dries matte and is thick enough to replace concealer and dry enough to replace powder. Basically, when I use this I don’t need my concealer or powder at all!!!! At all!!! That in itself is amazing and reason enough to buy it, in my opinion. Also, the packaging is wonderful and I like applying this best with my Jane Iredale flocked sponge ($5)- it works a bit better than the applicator it comes with. Here I am with the foundation on below. I love it! Well worth it and it is chemical-free unlike most makeup (unless you are using Jane Iredale or Honest you are probably using toxic, chemical-laden makeup)



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