Caribbean Solutions Tanner and Yes To Carrots Moisturizer 

 If you are trying to cut back on toxic chemicals (found in just about every beauty product out there by the way) you really need to check out EWG . They rate products for you (think makeup, skincare, deodorant, hair products, cleaners etc.) I try to stick with products in the 0-3 range. During this wintry time I feel much better with a little tan, so when I want to use self tanner I use Caribbean Solutions’ Beach Colours self tanner (EWG’s top rated tanner at a 2). I have used it for about a year and I really love it. You can buy it from the Caribbean Solutions site or Amazon has it sometimes at a lower cost. I have even used it on my face quite a bit and, unlike other tanners, it hasn’t broke me out at all! Every other one has! So this was a pleasant surprise! You will be surprised how much less makeup you will need, and how much more filled in your brows will look! I love it! I like to mix half & half parts of my moisturizer and my tanner on my face before putting on my makeup-to build a little color on my face during the day (since a fake tan fades faster from your face than your body)… and/or use it all over my face and body at night (sans moisturizer) before bed for a more potent dose. By the way I use the Yes To Carrots Fragrance Free Nourishing Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 (rated a 2, the non fragrance free kind is rated a 5…big difference!!!) and love it! Find it here at Target!


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