Proactiv – the Solution

When I was very stressed during college I began having really bad break-outs. Not the tiny little blackheads that are easily hidden either, the big cystic zits we all know and love. They literally radiate pain around them and are very raised and red — making them a nightmare to hide. During that time, I began using Proactiv Solution, and it helped me tremendously! After college I became engaged and like many people who get married and aren’t ready to start a family yet — I started taking birth control pills (Yaz). As many of you know Yaz is notorious for clearing up your complexion and boy it sure did! I no longer needed Proactiv because I developed “super-skin”. In the last year and a half I have been off birth control for a number of reasons and I had to be on Minocycline this entire time — because as soon as I quit Yaz my face went into full break-out mode! It finally calmed down after about a six months to a year of being off the Yaz, and I only took the Minocycline right before my special time of the month. Then, this past October I got very sick for almost two months before finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The stress from being sick, and the extreme gluten-free diet change made my face go into full break-out mode again! Instead of just taking a pill to fix it I decided to try to fix it topically with Proactiv. After about a month I can truly say it has caused a drastic change in my skin. I cannot tell you how much I love Proactiv, and how much heartache it has taken away. It truly is a great line of products that will give you your face and confidence back! If you are having similar problems please give it a try! It has worked for me two times now and I am not letting go this time!




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