6 Sneaky Work-out Moves for Workers

Do you use work as an excuse to skip working out?  Do you find that articles on working out at work don’t help you because the moves would draw unwanted attention from your co-workers?  I am here to show you some sneaky workout moves that you can do throughout your workday.  These six moves are for days that you may not have time to go to the gym…

1.  As you are waiting on your conditioner to set in do thirty wall pushups while you’re in the shower…

2.  As you are drying your hair do at least thirty squats…

3.  As you are driving to work recline the back of your chair back (past 90 degrees) and contract your abs to sit upright (you can also do this at your desk)

4.  When standing around at work- work your calf muscles by getting on your toes (this is easy to mask in heels)…

5.  Take the stairs whenever possible, and skip every other step to work glutes, quads and hamstrings…

6.  When sitting at your desk raise feet slightly off the ground and hold for one minute-three times.  This works abs and quads…you can also do one leg at a time… (lady in photo raises legs more than slightly)

Remember no excuses!  Happy New Year and New YOU!




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