Say Wen

Like you, I have seen bits and pieces of the Wen infomercials on TV, and like you I was skeptical.  I seriously doubted that the people who achieved clean hair from a lather-less shampoo had very dirty hair to begin with.  When I received this product I decided to really put it to the test.  I used it with two days worth of greasy hair that had a ton of hairspray in it.  Plus, I used the amount recommended for normal length hair, knowing that there are few people I know that have longer or thicker hair than I do.  I used the Cleansing Conditioner one time and it cleaned my hair very thoroughly to my surprise.  If anything, it dried it out a tad so I also used the SixThirteen product as a heavier conditioner after I rinsed out the Cleansing Conditioner.  My hair has never felt so clean or light.  Plus, the scents are so amazing that I keep smelling my hair throughout the day.  After about a week of usage, I already notice less frizz and damage.  I wish I had this six years ago when my hair wasn’t healthy like it is now.  If you have damaged hair this would be a great investment for you to make.  Unlike certain ordinary shampoos, the WEN® formula contains NO sulfates, NO harsh detergents and NO harsh chemicals.  It is great for rejuvinating your hair, or to simply keep it healthy.  You can purchase Wen alone or in packages at Wen Hair Care, QVC or go somewhere like Sephora.  I would recommend that if your ends tend to get dry that you get the Cleansing Conditioner and SixThirteen.  Use both as directed and you cannot go wrong!  If you don’t want to invest in everyday usage you could also reap the benefits by using Wen once a week, since it isn’t exactly cheap.  I must say that I am a believer in Wen and absolutely love it!



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