Get Bombshell Hair

My first “Holiday Gift Guide Pick” is by Sultra and it is called “the bombshell cone rod curling iron.”  This is an absolutely genius curling tool.  I have so many good things to say about it that I hope I can effectively relate them all to you.  First of all, you can tell by looking at the bombshell cone that it is no ordinary curling iron, it has no clamp.  There are many such irons on the market today but this is the “best of the best” for many reasons.  First of all, the copycats I have seen have tips that are hot.  I like that the tip of this iron is not heated.  There isn’t too much space, but there is just enough space at the tip that doesn’t get hot.  So… if you need to grab the tip- you can without getting burnt.  Sultra’s bombshell cone is also great because of it’s cone shape, this gives you a tighter curl as you get to the ends of your hair.  I love looser curls around my face and this gives you that look.  The curls you get can range from ringlets to loose waves depending on how tightly you wrap your hair around the wand.  I love this because you can throw out all the different sized curling irons you already have (if have several like me) and you can create all of their looks with just one tool.  Sultra’s bombshell cone also features a no-slip ThermaGrip tapered barrel (so your hair doesn’t constantly slip through the iron like most).  It also features a revolutionary Kyocera Ceramic Heater Technology that keeps the cone at an evenly proportioned 360 degrees.  This technology actually mends hair with infrared rays as you style it, so it is perfect for those of us with damaged/color-treated hair.  One of my favorite features is that it curls your hair much faster than a traditional curling iron.  I wrapped a piece of hair (1-2 inch sections at a time) and counted to about 2 and it was done.  With my curling irons I usually could count to 15 per section.  Once you get used to the process it is much faster than a regular curling iron.  I also love that I can curl more hair in the bombshell cone than in my other curling irons.  This allows my curls to start closer to my root than when I use other irons (where I usually have 1/3 of my hair straight then the bottom 2/3 is curled).  Sultra also offers a 2-year warranty with their products and even throws in a styling glove and iron pad (glove so you don’t burn your fingers, and iron pad so you don’t damage countertops).  Honestly, I didn’t use the glove but I wouldn’t recommend you do the same for the first few times at least.  I posted a how-to video below on how I use this product if you are interested in seeing how it works.  The Sultra bombshell cone can be purchased online at Sultra, Nordstrom, or in stores like Sephora or Nordstrom for around $130.  I know you are thinking that is pretty steep, but I actually think it is worth more.  Like I said before, you can throw out all of your different sized curling irons and replace them all with this product (plus any rollers you have).  I love the wavy curls that I was able to create in just minutes with this tool, and if you want to make a special lady feel extra special for the holidays you should definitely consider buying one for her (or yourself).  Happy Shopping everyone!  I will be posting on most days for the next several weeks to share some more wonderful products with you!


Sultra Bombshell Cone How-To Link



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