Glitter Be Gone

I love the sparkle and glitter that comes with winter. The sequins, the tinsel, the glitter! I, however, have the toughest time removing my glitter nail polish. I literally can use acetone on my nails and it removes my base color that I paint underneath the glitter topcoat and it hardly touches the glitter. I usually end up painting over the remaining glitter with a new base color. Then I top it off with more glitter and you can’t tell. After doing this about four times, I decided it was time to finally get it all off. I found that soaking little pieces of Viva papertowels and placing them on top of my nails and then wrapping aluminum foil around them did the trick. The foil holds the papertowel (or cottonball) in place and keeps the acetone from evaporating. (By the way acetone is the best way to remove glitter assuming you don’t have acrylics or gel nails.). Normal people can wait five minutes and remove but since I had so many layers of polish I waited ten minutes. When I removed them I rubbed my nail a little before pulling the foil off. I found that it worked perfectly and now I have a clean slate again. Hopefully it works for you too!


20121129-152823.jpg  20121129-152831.jpg


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