Eye Catching

Everyone loves a little bling and shimmer to brighten up the winter blues.  This look accompanies the nude lip in my last blog post very well.  If you have a dramatic eye, you definitely want a subdued lip to compliment it so you don’t look like a clown.  I hadn’t tried the H.i.P. (High Intensity Pigment) line of eyeshadow by L’oreal until this week.  I have to say it really holds well and doesn’t crease like most eyeshadows.  The color duo I picked out is called “gilded” and it consists of a shiny metallic gold base color and a sparkly smoke color to add dimension.  I was very pleased with the intensity and brightness it brought to my look.  They are usually $7-$9 but I got mine on sale at Walgreen’s for $3.99-so I said why not try it?  I am very pleased and will be stuck on using this for a while!  Let the pictures speak for themselves!






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