Three Albums To Try

I would like to share three albums I would recommend purchasing. First of all I just purchased Pink’s latest late last night called “The Truth About Love”. She always has the catchiest pop/rock tunes along with some powerful raspy ballads. I am a huge fan of raspy voices like Pink, Phillip Phillips, Demi Lovato, etc. This album does not disappoint with catchy pop hits such as the future Friday 5:00 radio hit with Eminem “Here Comes The Weekend.” It also features ballads that remind us of her incredible vocals like “The Great Escape” and witty songwriting such as “The Truth About Love.” All around it is worth buying.

Next is my favorite album of the last few years John Mayer’s “Born and Raised.” I don’t know many people that purchased it since it wasn’t heavily promoted due to John Mayer’s current inability to sing due to damaged vocal chords but this is his best yet. It is a shame it wasn’t marketed well because it is a folk/pop combo album that somehow is the most genius combination as odd as is sounds. I love “Born and Raised Reprise” the best but they are all absolutely wonderful mostly low to mid tempo chillaxing songs. Do yourself a favor and buy this (even if you don’t like him) his music and voice are so amazing!!! Looove this.

Last, my first Carrie Underwood album. “Blown Away” is great. I have denied her albums before but this album was so catchy I could no longer resist. She mixes up-tempo hits like “Good Girl” with some mid-tempo ones such as “Do You Think About Me”and ballads with great stories like “Blown Away.” The variety makes for a non-boring album you will enjoy! Plus I love the island-feel of “One Way Ticket” maybe the most …just because it isn’t Carrie-typical.

Those are my music picks for 2012 thus far!! Let me know your thoughts!






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