Skin Perfector

Garnier’s brand new product BB Cream is an all in one beauty gift from God! It does a number of things all rolled into one; a tinted moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, light coverage, evens skin tone, brightens, and renews with vitamin C and mineral pigments. BB cream stands for Blemish Balm and has been huge in Asian markets for a while now and was originally made big because it protected skin after laser procedures and surgery, while also providing light coverage. I will say that it evens skin tone very well but it does so by lightening your overall tone. So if you are fairly light skinned like me I would still get the medium/deep shade simply because it is supposed to make your tone lighter. Therefore, this shade won’t be too dark if you have the slightest tan at all. This is perfect for summer when you don’t need to cake on the makeup. It is found at Walmart, Target, and drugstores for $11-$13 plus you get a large amount for your money when you compare to foundations. Hope you try this out and let me know your thoughts!





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