A Sticky Situation

Alright this is one of those reviews where my inner dork comes out to play. Yes, I realize most people do not normally get excited about items that help you clean your home but I do. As some of you know Daniel and I are living in a hotel suite for a while due to a move for his work (very long story). Anyway, I don’t have my normal household items such as a vacuum cleaner etc. We do have Jack (our cat) with us and he of course sheds like most cats do and leaves trails of litter outside his box (this infuriates me to clean up). When I was at CVS last week I saw the “Sticky Buddy” set for $9.99 and thought why not? It comes with a large buddy and a small buddy and I have not bought a lint roller in my life that works this well and easily. It really does work and it even picks up food and litter on the floor! I was very impressed and the cleanup is easy…. simply rinse with warm water and let it dry. I would strongly recommend it for those of you that buy endless amounts of lint rollers like me. Also you can find at CVS so you don’t have to buy off of tv or online where something sketchy may or may not happen with your credit card number. Thanks for listening to my inner dork, enjoy!




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