25 Surprising Facts About Me

1 The smell of sauerkraut makes me sick

2 I always write in cursive

3 I love the smell of new tennis shoes

4 My whole life I have suffered from anxiety

5 I had an eating disorder in my first year of college and my husband literally saved me from myself thanks to God

6 God is first in my life and I try to always live life according to his will

7 I always loved to dance more than twirl baton

8 My dream is to be on DWTS and host on HSN

9 I want to have 2 boys to take care of me when I am old and one girl

10 I am a huge animal lover especially big dogs

11 I am working on writing a book

12 My ears don’t pop on airplanes and so therefore I hate to fly

13 I have never been to New York gasp!

14 I probably laugh 3x more than you

15 I truly believe in the boy scout phrase “always be prepared” that is why my purse is always full of -just in case-items

16 I am allergic to many things the oddest being Oak Trees

17 People close to me know that I am a little Psychic and have Dreams that become reality

18 I am an amazing secret keeper (as long as it isn’t my secret)

19 I LOVE sandwiches and chips and dip -any kind

20 I HATE hot fruit!!!!! This limits the desserts I enjoy

21 I actually enjoy working out especially weight lifting

22 My husband is my favorite person in the entire world

23 I am a tad obsessed with Jennifer Garner

24 I have a huge place in my heart for St. Jude Hospital

25 I don’t find clean cut/too muscley guys attractive at all. I like scruff a la Orlando Bloom in Pirates or a scruffy Bradley Cooper etc. 😉



One thought on “25 Surprising Facts About Me

  1. Jeff Mills says:

    Awesome list, Audra! I commend you and your husband for overcoming your eating disorder. And thanks to God, too! Here is my list:

    1) I double-knot my shoes when I tie them and have since I was a kid.
    2) I prefer brunettes to blondes although I’m not anti-blonde.
    3) I almost died from spinal meningitis at the age of 6, spending a week in a coma but thanks to God and the power of prayers I am still here.
    4) My favorite food is Mexican and my motto is “the hotter the food, the better”.
    5) I was a nerd in school and proud to call myself one.
    6) I used to wear glasses from the age of 14 to 30 until I had LASIK surgery in October 2002.
    7) My lucky number is 9.
    8) One of my ancestors is Robert Mills who built the Washington Monument among other buildings.
    9) I am afraid of heights and bees.
    10) I eat my cereal dry without any milk.
    11) My father is a retired Navy veteran and I grew up on naval bases as a kid living in a few states.
    12) One year in the fifth grade I attended three different schools.
    13) My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs although I have never lived in Chicago.
    14) My skin is very sensitive.
    15) If I don’t shave every other day, I will sport a beard.
    16) I collect baseball caps from every Major League team.
    17) My celebrity crush is Anne Hathaway.
    18) My favorite actor is Jimmy Stewart.
    19) If I could travel to anywhere in the world, it would be Australia.
    20) My favorite song is “Got To Get You Into My Life” by The Beatles.
    21) I can play piano and guitar by ear.
    22) I have been writing poetry since I was 15.
    23) My favorite movie is “Almost Famous”.
    24) Writing is my #1 passion.
    25) I can do impersonations of famous, non-famous and infamous people.

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