Desperate For More Housewives

For all you Desperate Housewives fans that watched the series finale last night I am curious to hear your thoughts on the ending! (Spoiler Alert). I was happy with the ending even though they didn’t wrap everything up in a bow like I wanted. I definitely shed tears the last half hour and will definitely not know what to do on Sunday nights now. I really wanted more closure on what became of Susan Delfino since she was the only one we didn’t get a future glimpse of. I think she probably re-married after a few years of healing from the move and from Mike’s death. Also I wanted to know what ever happened to Orson Hodge, I was pretty upset they made him a villain after all he did for Bree in the past seasons. They were a perfect match back then but I have to say Trip was a great match for her too. I also was upset that there was no ghost of Edie Britt seeing Susan off. She was one of my favorite characters for many seasons. But unless you are living under a rock you cannot be surprised she wasn’t a guest star with all the courtroom drama going on between her and Marc Cherry. All in all, I think it was a good ending even though I would have rather everyone grow old together on Wisteria Lane… but their way was a bit more realistic. I was very happy that Tom and Lynette finally worked things out and that she finally learned to shutup about certain things! I wanted to shake her when she pulled the whole NYC job thing behind Tom’s back and apparently so did Felicity Huffman, if you follow her on twitter. McCluskey’s death was so sad that I apprecaited them showing it with happy clips of Julie giving birth to spare me a little bit of heartache. She was such a fiery but warm character that we all grew to love. I also appreciate that Gaby and Carlos continued “happily fighting” in the future because they, like me and my husband, wouldn’t be them without some lovey bickering. I would love to hear your thoughts on the end too. Join me on Netflix where I have been watching old seasons for the last month (Currently on Season 4). Season 3 and 4 are my favorites!!!!! Goodbye ladies 😦

My favortie series of all time are…..
Desperate Housewives





4 thoughts on “Desperate For More Housewives

  1. Jeff Mills says:

    It was a very good show, but it was time. It probably could and should have been cancelled a couple of years ago, but at least it didn’t hang around too long.

  2. Stephanie Goodin says:

    I think they may start a new Desperate Housewives with the new characters? What do you think? Even if they do, it will never be the same! I’m so sad it’s over! I’ve literally been watching that show since season one! I was really disappointed in the ending too…not sure I would’ve been happy with any “ending” to that show.

  3. Amanda says:

    Well i just finished watching all 8 seasons on Netflix yesterday. I was so upset that they killed Mike. I felt it was not right, given everything Susan and him have been through. I also wanted to see the 4 of them grow old on the Lane, but as you said theirs was a bit more realistic. I have been wondering if Julie and Porter decided on a name for their baby , is it Sophie or Lynette ? I am so glad Lynette and Tom worked everything out and turned out the way they did ( 6 grandkids ; lol ). Bree and Trip make a LOVELY couple, way better than Orson in my opinion. Although I am concerned on how Juanita and Celia turned out as adults. I am happy for Gabrielle and Carlos on how they came out to be. The only one i did want a glimpse of was Susan Delfino ; Her and Lynette must have seen each other in the future .. making note that they share a grandchild. I also want to know where Porter stood with his child. It was amazing to me how everything came out to be. Also, does anyone know what happened to Renee and Ben ? and what was up with the girl that brought Susan’s house? What did they mean about the “secret box” ? All in all this show deserves 5 stars !!!!!

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