A Sticky Situation

Alright this is one of those reviews where my inner dork comes out to play. Yes, I realize most people do not normally get excited about items that help you clean your home but I do. As some of you know Daniel and I are living in a hotel suite for a while due to a move for his work (very long story). Anyway, I don’t have my normal household items such as a vacuum cleaner etc. We do have Jack (our cat) with us and he of course sheds like most cats do and leaves trails of litter outside his box (this infuriates me to clean up). When I was at CVS last week I saw the “Sticky Buddy” set for $9.99 and thought why not? It comes with a large buddy and a small buddy and I have not bought a lint roller in my life that works this well and easily. It really does work and it even picks up food and litter on the floor! I was very impressed and the cleanup is easy…. simply rinse with warm water and let it dry. I would strongly recommend it for those of you that buy endless amounts of lint rollers like me. Also you can find at CVS so you don’t have to buy off of tv or online where something sketchy may or may not happen with your credit card number. Thanks for listening to my inner dork, enjoy!




What’s In My Bag?

I love UsWeekly especially “What’s In My Bag” so I decided it may be fun to share mine. Obviously my main item is my iPhone which of course couldn’t make the photo since it took it. But here are my items I rarely leave the house without. I am still carrying my large South Moon Under tote for summer which I love! In it I have some Purell hand sanitizer which I use relentlessly, (no germies) ibuprofen liquid gels for headaches, Zyrtec, Tissues, (can you tell I have allergy issues yet? Ok good) Nail file, Guess Wallet in Snakeskin Brown, Mini Brush, Powder, Bath and Body Works Cashmere Hand Cream which there is no cream quite like this out there it is the SOFTEST ever, Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir (the best travel size perfume/body mist that is absolute perfection in it’s scent) and my Leopard makeup bag with the essentials inside (Leopard bag from WalMart).



Golden Sunset Eyes

This is an easy go to eyeshadow triplet, it is a great daytime go to and can be easily converted to a smoky night-time look as well. CoverGirl’s Golden Sunset is a perfect shimmery bronze look that will look great on everyone. Use the lightest color on lids with the dark colors in the crease/outer eye area for a day look, and fill in the lids with the dark colors for an easy smoky transition for night time. I love the summery golden tones and it is only about $4-5. I have had this as my go-to shadow for years. When I am not feeling crazy or bold this is an easy choice since it goes with everything and looks good with or without a tan.




Best Dressed This Week (Thus Far)

Best Dressed of The Week (thus far)

Eva Longoria- in Victoria Beckham at David Letterman

Miranda Kerr- in Carla Zampatti at The Women of Style Awards in Sydney

Kate Middleton- in Jenny Packham At a gala at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the countdown to the London Olympic Games.

Nicole Scherzinger- in Herve L. Leroux at the Men In Black 3 Premiere

Diane Kruger- in a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown at the Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria- in Marchesa at the Cannes Film Festival

Jenny McCarthy- in Michael Kors at the NBC Upfront Event

Charlize Theron- in Christian Dior at the UK Premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman









25 Surprising Facts About Me

1 The smell of sauerkraut makes me sick

2 I always write in cursive

3 I love the smell of new tennis shoes

4 My whole life I have suffered from anxiety

5 I had an eating disorder in my first year of college and my husband literally saved me from myself thanks to God

6 God is first in my life and I try to always live life according to his will

7 I always loved to dance more than twirl baton

8 My dream is to be on DWTS and host on HSN

9 I want to have 2 boys to take care of me when I am old and one girl

10 I am a huge animal lover especially big dogs

11 I am working on writing a book

12 My ears don’t pop on airplanes and so therefore I hate to fly

13 I have never been to New York gasp!

14 I probably laugh 3x more than you

15 I truly believe in the boy scout phrase “always be prepared” that is why my purse is always full of -just in case-items

16 I am allergic to many things the oddest being Oak Trees

17 People close to me know that I am a little Psychic and have Dreams that become reality

18 I am an amazing secret keeper (as long as it isn’t my secret)

19 I LOVE sandwiches and chips and dip -any kind

20 I HATE hot fruit!!!!! This limits the desserts I enjoy

21 I actually enjoy working out especially weight lifting

22 My husband is my favorite person in the entire world

23 I am a tad obsessed with Jennifer Garner

24 I have a huge place in my heart for St. Jude Hospital

25 I don’t find clean cut/too muscley guys attractive at all. I like scruff a la Orlando Bloom in Pirates or a scruffy Bradley Cooper etc. 😉


Desperate For More Housewives

For all you Desperate Housewives fans that watched the series finale last night I am curious to hear your thoughts on the ending! (Spoiler Alert). I was happy with the ending even though they didn’t wrap everything up in a bow like I wanted. I definitely shed tears the last half hour and will definitely not know what to do on Sunday nights now. I really wanted more closure on what became of Susan Delfino since she was the only one we didn’t get a future glimpse of. I think she probably re-married after a few years of healing from the move and from Mike’s death. Also I wanted to know what ever happened to Orson Hodge, I was pretty upset they made him a villain after all he did for Bree in the past seasons. They were a perfect match back then but I have to say Trip was a great match for her too. I also was upset that there was no ghost of Edie Britt seeing Susan off. She was one of my favorite characters for many seasons. But unless you are living under a rock you cannot be surprised she wasn’t a guest star with all the courtroom drama going on between her and Marc Cherry. All in all, I think it was a good ending even though I would have rather everyone grow old together on Wisteria Lane… but their way was a bit more realistic. I was very happy that Tom and Lynette finally worked things out and that she finally learned to shutup about certain things! I wanted to shake her when she pulled the whole NYC job thing behind Tom’s back and apparently so did Felicity Huffman, if you follow her on twitter. McCluskey’s death was so sad that I apprecaited them showing it with happy clips of Julie giving birth to spare me a little bit of heartache. She was such a fiery but warm character that we all grew to love. I also appreciate that Gaby and Carlos continued “happily fighting” in the future because they, like me and my husband, wouldn’t be them without some lovey bickering. I would love to hear your thoughts on the end too. Join me on Netflix where I have been watching old seasons for the last month (Currently on Season 4). Season 3 and 4 are my favorites!!!!! Goodbye ladies 😦

My favortie series of all time are…..
Desperate Housewives




Fresh Breath and a White Smile

I have tried many products that promise white teeth. Many of them cost at least $50 or more but Listerine Whitening Strips are only around $14-$15. They are great because they are absolutely mess free, they simply dissolve in about 10-15 minutes. You can literally walk around with them on and not feel strange. After and while they dissolve they leave a fresh taste of Listerine in your mouth as well which is always nice! Also, I did not experience any tooth sensitivity while using them which with other products I usually do. I would definitely recommend trying them if you haven’t already it is well worth the small cost. They may not be as potent as some, but for me they worked great!



A Clutching Experience

Every girl must have a good clutch for special occasions. Even oversize purse carriers like me. I recently found some great finds at dsw.com so I had to share this one. I bought this tan/nude clutch by Jessica Simpson (which is new and $58 everywhere else) on dsw.com for just $34.95 with a free shipping code I looked up (SHIPR). Nude is a great color because it goes with everything and it isn’t black like everything else we own! Plus this is a larger clutch and it is faux leather so you can wipe down anything that may get on it. I has a mirror inside and a long chain to carry on your shoulder as well. Just thought I would share my find with you all! Have a great Thursday!