Let’s Face It

I have had many questions on what liquid foundation I use in the last month from many of you. The truth is- I don’t. I use my Olay Moisturizer mixed with Hard Candy Bronzer as a tint and then I use either the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation or the Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder. If I am having a breakout I go for the SkinClearing and if not I usually grab the Powder Foundation. Both I get in the color “Nude” because it has a good yellow color base for my olive skin. I have never been a liquid foundation user beause I find it makes my face look and feel greasier and breakout more. If you want coverage and want to try to steer away from the liquid foundation I would suggest the Powder Foundation, the amount of coverage will astound you. Plus with the powder foundation you don’t have those annoying makeup lines that liquid gives you! If you don’t need a ton of coverage but struggle with breakouts here and there I would suggest the Mineral Powder. Both are made with minerals and won’t break you out and go on very smooth and mess free (no loose powder). They run around $10-12, so try one today and let me know your thoughts. I have been hooked for about a year now on these!





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