Decrease Your Crease

Just wanted to share a few hair tips…

If you have hair like me that creases after being tucked behind your ears for five seconds or being up in a ponytail then I can help. If your hair is clean already and has a crease for whatever reason all you have to do (if it is straight) is simply blow dry the creased area on high heat and brush as you do it. No need to wet it or rewash etc. I know several people that don’t know this so I thought I would share.

Next, if you are out and about and have some annoying flyaways. Dig into your purse rub a little lotion on your hands and smooth hair with the remainder, it acts as a quick pomade for flyaways!

Trying to grow out your hair? Get regular trims and take Prenatal Vitamins! I have taken them on and off for 8 years they do wonders for hair and nails and you don’t need an RX.




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