Practice Hair Safety

Finding the right colorist is not an easy task. I am going to share some tips on finding the right colorist. As many of you know Daniel and I will have hopped from TN to AL and now to D.C to FLA so I asked my hair expert friend April for some help on finding the perfect colorist when shopping for someone new. I don’t take this task lightly because about six years ago I had my hair literally fried off by an upscale Knoxville salon and it is finally back to health now! Here are some tips from April and I…

– Try to find an ABCH colorist if possible (American Board of Certified Hair Colorist)
– If they charge much less than $60-75 it is probably for a reason :-O
– If it takes an hour or less they may overbook or rush themselves
– If you are getting blonde roots touched up make sure they don’t pull the color through your hair (roots only)
– Make sure they highlight the same pieces they did last time and darken the same ones too (if you always get the same look of high and lowlights) changing damages hair and darks won’t stick on hair that was previously blonde
– Ask them to pull your hair to get as close to the root as possible so you don’t leave with any roots
– Ask them to make your highlights and lowlights heavy in all areas where you part your hair the most
– Prenatal vitamins help hair growth, I have taken them for years
– Leaving the bottom half of your hair color free does wonder for overall growth and adds dimension with the darker color
– Tell your colorist where you tend to get breakage so they can possibly do lowlights there instead of highlights to prevent further damage
– Take pictures of what you want instead of naming colors that you may describe differently than them

Hope this helps!!!!!!




One thought on “Practice Hair Safety

  1. Erin says:

    I recommend just starting out getting it washed and straightened/styled. That way you can get a feel of the new place before actually letting them color your hair. Do that a couple times the if you feel comfortable, schedule an appt for color. 🙂

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