Let’s Face It

I have had many questions on what liquid foundation I use in the last month from many of you. The truth is- I don’t. I use my Olay Moisturizer mixed with Hard Candy Bronzer as a tint and then I use either the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation or the Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder. If I am having a breakout I go for the SkinClearing and if not I usually grab the Powder Foundation. Both I get in the color “Nude” because it has a good yellow color base for my olive skin. I have never been a liquid foundation user beause I find it makes my face look and feel greasier and breakout more. If you want coverage and want to try to steer away from the liquid foundation I would suggest the Powder Foundation, the amount of coverage will astound you. Plus with the powder foundation you don’t have those annoying makeup lines that liquid gives you! If you don’t need a ton of coverage but struggle with breakouts here and there I would suggest the Mineral Powder. Both are made with minerals and won’t break you out and go on very smooth and mess free (no loose powder). They run around $10-12, so try one today and let me know your thoughts. I have been hooked for about a year now on these!





Decrease Your Crease

Just wanted to share a few hair tips…

If you have hair like me that creases after being tucked behind your ears for five seconds or being up in a ponytail then I can help. If your hair is clean already and has a crease for whatever reason all you have to do (if it is straight) is simply blow dry the creased area on high heat and brush as you do it. No need to wet it or rewash etc. I know several people that don’t know this so I thought I would share.

Next, if you are out and about and have some annoying flyaways. Dig into your purse rub a little lotion on your hands and smooth hair with the remainder, it acts as a quick pomade for flyaways!

Trying to grow out your hair? Get regular trims and take Prenatal Vitamins! I have taken them on and off for 8 years they do wonders for hair and nails and you don’t need an RX.



Not Just A Moisturizer

When I turned 25 three years ago I felt old. Little did I know how old I really wasn’t, but nonetheless that is the year I decided to try to prevent wrinkles before they formed. I have used Olay Age Defying Protective Renewal Lotion ever since. It not only is a great facial moisturizer but it is also a sunscreen, scar fader, and it prevents wrinkles. Protective Renewal Lotion helps diminish the appearance of signs of aging. It protects skin with a broad spectrum SPF 15 UVA/UVB sunscreen, while the moisturizing formula containing a beta-hydroxy complex renews radiance and replenishes moisture. Dimethicone is a type of silicone that feels like silk on the skin, even when skin is wet. It also improves the appearance of scars. Glycerin is a humidifying agent and moisturizer that absorbs moisture from the air. Tocopheryl Acetate is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is a form of Vitamin E, a natural skin-conditioning agent. Zinc Oxide is a skin protectant known for its soothing qualities. You should Apply liberally on face and neck as often as necessary to help protect from harmful UV rays while keeping skin soft and smooth. I personally use two parts this and one part Hard Candy Glow All The Way (see previous post on this product) on my face everyday to moisturize, protect from the sun, prevent aging and to build a tan. Hope you love this and it is only $10-$12 and lasts about 6-8 months!



South Moon Under

So I am out shopping in the D.C. area with my friend Brittany and we go to a store called South Moon Under. It is a great store that has some pricey things and some not so pricey things. The clothes, handbags, jewelry, swimwear, and menswear were all great. I especially liked this large turquoise handbag that was only $68, but I resisted the urge to buy it. Literally like ten minutes later my only purse I brought with me to D.C. (Pinky) broke. So I went straight back to South Moon Under and bought this awesome leather turquoise bag. I recommend going to southmoonunder.com and shopping around. Do you love my new bag? I do!



Princess of Chynna- Chynna Phillips


I am very excited to be able to chat with the lovely Chynna Phillips (most famous for being in the group Wilson Phillips.) She is a talented singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, wife to Billy Baldwin, mother to three, and daughter of The Mamas & the Papas band members John and Michelle Phillips. She is also a sweetheart who was nice enough to take the time to answer my many questions! (A)-Audra (C)-Chynna

(A) I am a huge fan of DWTS can you tell me how that experience was last season and with whom you are still friends?

(C) Next to raising sane, law abiding, respectful children, DWTS is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still friends with Kristin & with Carson. It was so intense, and we were all working so hard, we didn’t really have the chance to “hang out” unless it we saw each other at the dance studios or we were blocking or it was a show day, which was the only time we were really together.

(A) I heard QVC has been taking early orders on Wilson Phillips’ new album “Dedicated” tell me about the new album and about the exclusivity with QVC…

(C) It wasn’t necessarily an “exclusive”, but you could pre-order our album on QVC prior to its release and like we did with Barnes & Noble, if you did, your cd from QVC or B & N comes with a “bonus disk” of some of the album sung a cappella. We often will ask our producers to mute the music after we record something so that we can hear what our voices sound like on their own – now we’re letting our fans hear it too. The album means a lot to us as they are the songs that crowned our parents into rock history. They’re songs that – even if you know nothing about music – you know most of the lyrics to. It’s amazing how wide and global an audience they had back then -before the internet was even a possibility.

(A) I read that “Hold On” was actually written about your struggle in the 90s with drugs and alcohol how hard is that to avoid in Hollywood/The Industry?

(C) Ehh, not really – I mean, there are shades of accuracy in that statement. Never believe everything you read! In the mid-80s, I had a lot demons. I was a teenager – I wrote that song as a teenager – and at the time was suffering from feelings of abandonment from my dad, and anxiety (something I still struggle with today). Instead of facing it head on, I turned to drugs and alcohol which brought me down quick. And then one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. That moment, I stopped drinking, went to therapy and really dug down deep, and wrote that song, sort of as an anthem for myself. But to answer your question, I think that the prevalence to become addicted to drugs and alcohol is no greater than it would be on your own neighborhood block or in your apartment building. It’s just publicized.

(A) I heard you became a Christian in 2003-or 04 I believe… I am as well can you tell me about that life changing experience and how it has changed you and those around you?

(C) I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but I really took Jesus into my heart. I’m not one for organized religion – I’d bounce around from church to church when I was younger… there was an article in Newsweek this week that talked about how so many more people are leaving organized religion behind and just following the light of Jesus – that’s sort of my motto. But yeah, when I really accepted Jesus, and made a promise to him, my life was completely changed. Like a weight off of my shoulder. I pray everyday. Sometimes so much that people tease me – but I don’t care. It helps me stay grounded. If I’m anxious about something, I just put it in His hands and trust that everything will work out as it should. To me, it’s about having Faith.

(A) I love all the Baldwins are they all pretty close to each other?

(C) They are brothers. I’m sure you know what the dynamics of being and having brothers can be like.

(A) What was it like growing up with famous parents?

(C) Interesting. I had a very interesting childhood. I had some amazing experiences and some not so amazing experiences.

(A) How was it being apart of the smash hit “Bridesmaids”?

(C) It sort of fell out of the sky for us. We didn’t have the script and really had no idea what we were getting into, but we thought “it’s Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig – how bad can it be?” We sang Hold On for 8 hours that day, but it was a BLAST. We were so fortunate to be a part of such a huge film. It gave us a real shot in the arm, you know?

(A) Tell me about Wilson Phillips’ new reality show…

(C) We have a new reality TV show called WILSON PHILLIPS: STILL HOLDING ON. It’s on TV Guide Network every Sunday at 9/8Central. You’re going to see what it’s like to have to work every day with your best friends. It’s not always three part harmony as I’m SURE you can imagine! We were very apprehensive when they came to us with the idea – they basically had to convince us – but they did! And I’m glad, because for as much drama as you will see there was to film, there was an equal amount of love to film! We’re pretty funny for a bunch of middle-aged moms, if you ask me.

To keep on topic with Audra’s Picks share some of your picks in these categories…

How you stay fit…

I carry 1 lb weights with me wherever I go. Like, in my bag, right now. Just little 1 lb dumbbells, and I use them whenever I’m just sitting around. I also do yoga. And I get PLENTY of sleep. I live the Body-Ecology diet. If you haven’t read the book, you should. It will change your life. It’s all about food blending (what foods just don’t go together) and balancing your acidity and alkalinity in your body. I’m also gluten & dairy free and eat a lot of cultured vegetables. My best friend found out she had celiac a few years ago and we compared notes. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but once I stopped eating gluten and dairy, I felt like an entirely different person. Gluten is the devil!


I use a brand called Youthology. I am obsessed with my Luxsauna spa. Seriously obsessed. It’s the greatest thing in the entire world and I really feel like if I don’t spend 10 to 15 minutes in it a day, the day ends up crappy. I really think that hydro/heat therapy really can alter your mood. Make sure you get plenty of sun, and sweat out the toxins whenever you can.


Organic shampoo. Something without phosphates. I have an addiction to Whole Foods so I tend to sample a different brand of shampoo from their shelf every time I go.


I wear a lot of Urban Decay but my must have is a Maybelline Expert Eyes Velvet black eye pencil. Chynna also uses YOUNG BLOOD makeup.

Fav TV Show…

Can you believe we don’t have a TV in my house? I will watch some things on Hulu – New Girl is pretty funny. So is Happy Endings and Modern Family.

Fav Movie…

I really only like documentaries, if you can believe it – and I watch EVERYTHING out there. Bully recently moved me to an ugly cry 🙂

Fav actor/actress…

Billy Baldwin (haha). And Julianne Moore. She’s truly an icon of our generation.

Fav Musician…

Big fans of Lady Antebellum, I think Katy Perry is very talented – have you heard her acoustic? When she strips away the pop and bass – that girl can sing… but honestly I don’t really have favorites – I listen to everything. (I agree with Chynna about Katy Perry I love her songs and the acoustic version of “The One That Got Away” is vocally fantastic!)


I love retro / antique jewelry. Something understated but vintage.

(A) What are three surprising facts about you?…

1- When I’m on tour, I lug around a HUGE suitcase full of icepacks containing fresh, organic vegetables, kefir, and anything else I think I’ll eat while I’m away … and a portable steamer. I cook everything I eat in my room even if it doesn’t have a kitchen. I’m a traveling kitchen, really. It’s a lot of work to plan menus for four or five days on the road, but it’s 100% worth it.

2- I am writing a screenplay with the help of a friend.

3- In 6th grade I won an award for having the best penmanship in the entire

(A) How would your husband/kids/best friends describe you?…


(A) What life advice would you give to your fans?…

(C) Listen to yourself, above all others.

Thank you Chynna for sharing with us at AudrasPicks.com be sure to watch Wilson Phillips’ new show, listen to their new album and follow Chynna on twitter @ChynnaPhillips


Practice Hair Safety

Finding the right colorist is not an easy task. I am going to share some tips on finding the right colorist. As many of you know Daniel and I will have hopped from TN to AL and now to D.C to FLA so I asked my hair expert friend April for some help on finding the perfect colorist when shopping for someone new. I don’t take this task lightly because about six years ago I had my hair literally fried off by an upscale Knoxville salon and it is finally back to health now! Here are some tips from April and I…

– Try to find an ABCH colorist if possible (American Board of Certified Hair Colorist)
– If they charge much less than $60-75 it is probably for a reason :-O
– If it takes an hour or less they may overbook or rush themselves
– If you are getting blonde roots touched up make sure they don’t pull the color through your hair (roots only)
– Make sure they highlight the same pieces they did last time and darken the same ones too (if you always get the same look of high and lowlights) changing damages hair and darks won’t stick on hair that was previously blonde
– Ask them to pull your hair to get as close to the root as possible so you don’t leave with any roots
– Ask them to make your highlights and lowlights heavy in all areas where you part your hair the most
– Prenatal vitamins help hair growth, I have taken them for years
– Leaving the bottom half of your hair color free does wonder for overall growth and adds dimension with the darker color
– Tell your colorist where you tend to get breakage so they can possibly do lowlights there instead of highlights to prevent further damage
– Take pictures of what you want instead of naming colors that you may describe differently than them

Hope this helps!!!!!!



Juicy Fantasy!

I spent hours in January wearing and testing every perfume there was in a department store to see what my next scent should be for Spring, and Viva La Juicy was my favorite. If you go to Bath and Body works they often say you veer toward fruity smells or floral smells. The fruity sweet smells have always been my favorite…which is why for years I’ve worn Britney Spears’ Fantasy which is the sweetest smell ever! I love it! But I wanted to try something new too and Viva La Juicy it is! I have had it since February (for my bday) and I love it! If you love a fruity sweet smell you will love it too (and Fantasy for that matter).