Protect Your Tresses

Ion’s heat protection spray is my absolute must pick! If you only listen to one hair-care go to product listen to this one please. I use this (avoiding roots) before drying my hair always and in some cases before styling as well if my hair is very dry. A little goes a long way so don’t use too much and AVOID ROOTS please! I use it before using a comb on wet hair because it even helps to detangle. If you get a thermal protectant spray already that lists alcohol as an ingredient toss it now! Especially if it is listed first, second, or third. This is only drying out your hair further, and surprisingly most of them contain lots of alcohol which makes zero sense to me. Ion’s heat protection spray smoothes out frizz and leaves your hair healthy and silky without alcohol. If you are worried you may use too much and end up with greasy hair just use on wet hair sparingly then dry. You can purchase at Sally’s Beauty Supply for only $7.50!



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