Yes to the “Shift Dress”- Fashion Star

Not sure who all tuned into NBC’s show “Fashion Star” on Tuesday but I loved it. I missed the first half hour regrettably but caught the rest. The show, in a nutshell, is about Fashion Designers who want to be the next big designer. Judges mentor them such as familiar faces Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie and model Elle Macpherson hosts. They also have buyers who either bid or pass on their designs, which by the way get a full runway show. The buyers are from H&M, Macy’s, and Saks. I like that we get to see the buyers because I was a buyer and as a consumer it is exciting to go buy what you liked on the show afterward. The designers without bids then face elimination decided by the judges and buyers. This week I loved Sarah Parrott’s aqua shift dress! I went to buy one after the show from H&M and they were already sold out within minutes! I am sure with their success there will be more soon, because I was a buyer and I know how it goes with something that successful. I love this dress for the fit, color and unique back. I am keeping an eye out on for when it comes back in because not only is it awesome it is $19.95! Don’t forget to tune into Fashion Star Tuesday 10/9c and I will let you know when this Aqua/Turquoise Shift Dress becomes available again. Follow @NBCFashionStar @HM and @SarahGParrott on twitter for more info.




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