“In The Know” with- Christina McLarty



This interview pick was probably the most interesting to me since she does my dream job! Christina McLarty, who is an Entertainment Journalist at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, is usually asking all the questions but this time she is answering them. Christina was born in Hope Arkansas on April 25, 1981. Which means she will be turning 31 very soon so don’t forget to like her Facebook page or follow her on twitter so you can wish her a Happy Birthday! (Her Twitter name is @XTina_McLarty and her facebook page is Christina McLarty) For fans such as me that have looked, there isn’t a lot of information on Christina’s life out there so I wanted to find out more about her. As for who Christina is closest to she says her mom and dad, which is really sweet. When I asked about her career goals she said “I love my job. I hope I get to do this forever, and stay in New York City!!!” I cannot say I blame her she gets to interview people like Steven Tyler, Donald Trump, Oprah, Brad Pitt, Olivia Wilde, Ben Stiller, and just about every other celebrity everyday for a living, how fun is that? She always looks absolutely stunning and does a very professional job while interviewing for ET and The Insider. Like I said, I have found little information on Christina out there so I had plenty of questions on what I did find. One regarding her having been on a soap opera a one point. Christina said “Never. But The Insider had me do a walk on role on The Young and The Restless as a story! It was so much fun, but I can’t act! Never wanted to be an actor, always wanted to be a journalist.” So that answered that question, and for the record, I bet she was really good. As for how she got started in journalism “My Uncle was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. When I was a kid, I stumbled upon an interview in The White House between Bill Clinton and Peter Jennings. It was my a ha moment, I knew I wanted to go into journalism. I moved a lot as a kid. I went to college at NYU, I majored in journalism and English. I worked while in college, and used those experiences to build my demo reel. I took the local news boot camp route, and after I graduated, went to work for the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas as a General Assignment Reporter…then I moved to CBS 11 in Dallas, and CBS 2 in LA.” That is an amazing “a ha” moment to have especially as a kid. How incredible is must have been to see the President and Peter Jennings during an interview like that. Obviously Christina is a hard working intelligent woman, so I wanted to know what her hobbies are. Her answer surprised me a little considering how fit she stays “cooking! Southern girl likes to eat. My specialty is fried chicken and banana pudding. I also love animals, and here in New York, I can’t walk enough. On Sundays I just walk around all day, it’s my favorite thing to do!” Southern girls are the best aren’t we? I am totally not biased either am I? When I asked about any hidden talents Christina shared “I used to be a competitive figure skater. So I can pull a few moves on the dance floor.” I can really appreciate that having been a competitive majorette for over 15 years, and I have a few moves too (haha). When I asked how her friends would describe her she replied “MIA but loyal, goofy, generous.” I am sure with her job she stays pretty busy and I am sure it requires odd hours at times as well, which would account for the MIA part. As for the rest, I don’t know her all that well but she sure seems like one of the friendliest and down to earth “celebrities” I have spoken with. One I would be friends with in real life for sure. I asked Christina for a story that would surprise us, so here it is “I’m an only child. My mom didn’t want to know the sex. She was so huge, she assumed I was a boy. I was the first girl born in 5 generations on my dad’s side. They were going to name me Christopher, but I came out a girl (albeit 10 pounds), so they named me Christina!” Wow the first girl in five generations is a pretty big deal, and a ten pounder at that. Two big surprises for her momma and daddy! Christina has interviewed just about everyone you can think of that you would like to meet one day. With that said, I wanted to know which was her favorite interview. She said “Oprah. Hands down, greatest moment of my life.” I also wanted to know who still makes her star-struck “Oprah…haha…and Madonna at The Super Bowl.” I would say that I’d be pretty star-struck by them too. Heck, I’d be stars-truck if I saw just about anyone, who am I kidding! When discussing who inspires her she said “Everyone I work with. Everyone works so hard, and we all care about what we do. It’s inspiring every day at work.” It sounds like work is never work for Christina because she truly loves what she does. That is the perfect job, when you care about it so much that it isn’t work. I just had to hear how her experience was interning for Hillary Clinton which I read about a few times. Christina shared “I interned in her Press Department, and it was the greatest internship of all. I learned so very much from her team. I returned to her offices when I was a news reporter in Little Rock Arkansas. I did an interview with her when she was still Senator. I’ve also interviewed President Bill Clinton at his offices in Harlem.” I swear this girl is 30 years old and she has already learned and lived so much. These experiences are ones that she will remember forever. On a less serious note I asked Christina to share some of her girly “picks” with us. “Jaime Caron is my facialist in New York and the best one I have ever had. She is affordable, and accessible. She does all sorts of cool treatments on my skin to fight the harsh winters here and reverse aging. I use all Josie Maran skin products, her Argan oil, lip treatment, etc. You can get it at Sephora. I’m a lash girl, I use fake strip lashes. The key is the put them on first as close to the lid as possible, no mascara, then build your eye from there. My favorite lip gloss is Laura Mercier Sparkling. I buy it in bulk! I drink a green drink a day to get all of my vitamins, take a daily women’s vitamin, a probiotic, and drink a lot of water. I run 20 mins a day always. Music is eclectic, I like everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to Jay Z. I’m a big hip hop girl!!! Favorite movie this season The Help. Fashion, All Saints has great pants and boots, Lia Sofia jewelry is my favorite!!” This was such a fun interview Christina is very much “the celebrity next door” in my opinion. Probably because us Southern Belles are naturally friendly and you truly can’t take “The South” out of the girl! Which isn’t a bad thing! A special thank-you to Christina for sharing with me, and be sure to watch her on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Above and below are some pictures of Christina hard at work!




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