Final Rose With Shawntel Newton

For this piece my “pick” is the lovely bachelorette Shawntel Newton. I loved her as a bachelorette last year and I was broken hearted for Shawntel when she was sent home on Bachelor Brad’s season of “The Bachelor.” Then on this year’s season I was hurt for her when she was bullied on Bachelor Ben’s season. Shawntel stood up for herself and wasn’t mean back to the girls which I really respect. She didn’t deserve the hatred she received from most of the girls, and Emily O’Brien had it right when she said the girls were only mean because Shawntel is so gorgeous and that threatened them. So naturally I wanted to know about the friends she made the first time around and if she and Brad are now friends. Shawntel shared “I had a great experience on season 15 of The Bachelor with Brad. He really was a sweet man and I had the opportunity to travel all around the world. I made great friends on the show, Chantal O’Brien is one of my best friends, and in fact I will be in her wedding this year! I talk to most of the girls from my season, whether it’s through text, twitter or facebook.” It seems to me that what the girls take away most from being on the show is making friends with the other bachelorettes. With that said this year was clearly not that kind of an experience for Shawntel at least. Next I wanted to know which girls WERE nice to her this season. Shawntel confided “Hmmm…well it sure didn’t feel like any of the girls were nice to me this season did it! Emily O’Brien, Lindzi, Jennifer, Kacie B. and Blakeley were probably the ones that actually tried to have a nice conversation with me.” None of those names really surprise me they all seem genuine and sweet. Plus I already knew how nice our sweetheart Kacie B. is!!! Still it made me glad to hear that her experience wasn’t 100% awful. While we were on the subject of this year’s girls I wanted to see Shawntel’s thoughts on Ben’s final four. She said “Ben’s final four were not too much of a surprise to me. Courtney, maybe a little, but I could tell that Ben was very attracted to Courtney from day ONE.” I agree that the final four weren’t much of a surprise, three of them were such sweet, beautiful girls and then there was Courtney who he was obviously smitten with. As for the final two of this season Shawntel explained “I was not surprised that Ben picked Courtney. I could see the way he looked at her from the first night! I just don’t know how much she was into him. Hopefully things work out for them.” I agree he has this undeniable and intense bond with Courtney and I hope the best for them as well. Next I asked if she planned to watch Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Shawntel explained “Of course I’ll be watching Emily as our new bachelorette. I love her! I really hope she finds her prince on this upcoming season. She deserves the best.” Who doesn’t love Emily and wish her the best? I loved her also on Brad’s season, I think we all fell in love with Emily and Ricki and hope they find their missing piece of the family soon. I have been hearing that Shawntel wrote a book so I asked her to explain what the book is about and where we can purchase it. Shawntel said the rumors are true “I did! It was published about a month ago. It’s titled, Final Rose. It’s a memoir about growing up in the funeral industry and all my experiences around death and dying. Oh, and I do have one chapter in the book where I talk about the show.” Her book sounds like an inspiring read, and I think her profession is very meaningful. It takes someone special to be able to help families through the hardest times in their lives. Shawntel said the she too is a woman of Faith and that it definitely plays a part in the way she does her job. She is such an inspiration in what she does. You can purchase Shawntel’s book on this link below.
Shawntel’s Book
As for whether she still lives in her hometown of Chico California she said “Yes, I am living in Chico and loving it! I work full time for my family and soon will succeed my dad in the funeral home. I am back in school too, I have been taking some classes to further my degree!” A fan of the blog, Alys, wanted to know if there was someone special in Shawntel’s life right now to which Shawntel answered “things are going well in Chico!! I am dating and taking things one day at a time 🙂 Slow and steady!” Let’s hope whoever she is dating knows what a lucky guy he is and treats her like a princess! I asked Shawntel if she thought she would be a good host on tv of some sort because I think she carries herself well and would be great at it. She said “I plan on succeeding my dad here at the funeral home and I am getting a golden retriever puppy so I know she is going to be keeping me busy! Being a host would be FUN, I love being in front of the camera, so I guess if the opportunity presents itself then maybe.” I think that she could possibly do both don’t you? We need more Shawntel on tv for sure! Keeping in theme with “Audra’s Picks” Shawntel agreed to share some of her “picks” with us. “I am a huge online shopper!! I love they always have fun goodies to buy. It’s funny too, lulus started right here in Chico and their brand grew so much that they had to convert their store into a huge warehouse. Check them out! You’ll become addicted too!! My favorite makeup line is YoungBlood…I LOVE it! Its mineral based and A-mazing! ” Since I love to blog about fitness I then asked Shawntel how she keeps in such great shape “As far as staying in shape….hmmm good question. I feel like I haven’t been to the gym in forever. But I do love to swim. Swimming is the best exercise for you. I was on the swim team when I was in high school and have always enjoyed it.” I am not the best swimmer but it for sure is one of the best workouts out there if you can do it. It is cardio and toning all rolled into one. It was a pleasure getting to know Shawntel better and hearing her thoughts on how the season went. It was also nice to hear that at least a few of the girls were nice to her this year as well. She is a class act and I wish nothing but the absolute best for her and the new Golden Retriever puppy she will be getting in two weeks. Lets hope she finds her happy ending! Thanks Shawntel for taking time to talk to us! You can keep up with Shawntel like me on twitter @Shawntel_Newton





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