In The Lyons Den- With Ben Lyons!

As a movie and entertainment buff myself I consider it an honor to interview Ben Lyons. Ben is only 2.5 years older than me and he has already done so much in the entertainment industry. He is THE Film guru of our generation. He is a fillm critic and TV personality you may have seen him as a contributor on E! or Access Hollywood before. Currently he can be seen on ‘Extra’ and he is also a Sr. Contributor for, and Naturally when talking to a film expert we all would like to know some of his favorite films. I asked him to share some favorites in different genres. Ben replied “SOME of my favorites include ‘Trading Places’, ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘North By Northwest’, ‘Into The Wild’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Coming to America’, ‘Serpico’, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, ‘Star Wars’, etc…”. Clearly he has great taste who doesn’t love Star Wars? I know I do! Plus North By Northwest is top two on my list of favorite Alfred Hitchcock films as well. And if Coming To America is a film you haven’t seen then shame on you as it is one of the absolute funniest movies of all time I have to say. Eddie Murphy plays just about the entire cast in a sheer brilliant way. Next I wanted to know what films we need to watch for in 2012. Ben predicted “Obviously ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ are the two most highly anticipated releases, along with the final ‘Twilight’ movie. Also, watch out for the short documentary, ‘Alekesam’ that I’m a producer on about musicians Hugh and Sal Masekela. It’s a moving story about a son, re-connecting with his father through music.” I know sellouts are already huge issues for early viewing for these spring/summer blockbusters he mentioned so if you don’t already have them get your tickets soon. Also I am very intrigued by “Alekesam” already it sounds moving and Ben is a producer wow! Next I wanted to know which actor/actress is the most down to earth and friendly in person? Ben said “Charlize Theron and Matt Damon. They are incredibly gracious with their time, and are genuine and insightful in our interviews. I’ve also always enjoyed my time with Daniel Radcliffe. He is wise beyond his years…” I am so glad to hear that these three are so sweet in person. I am a fan of all of them, Charlize is as talented as she is beautiful and I am delighted to hear she is just as beautiful on the inside. Matt Damon is no surprise he seems very down to earth in interviews and is always polite. Daniel Radcliffe is absolutely adorable. I am one of the biggest fans of him and everything “Harry Potter” and recently I saw Daniel on Ellen. He was sweet, charming, and incredibly witty and intelligent. I am glad Ben got the same impression.
Next I said…There have been a lot of remakes lately. Any truth to a “Overboard” remake? I love that movie! Are you a fan of remakes and if so what movie should be remade next? Who would you like to see direct and star in it? Be replied “haven’t heard any truth to the ‘Overboard’ remake rumors, but usually I’m not the biggest fan of remakes. That’s not to say it can’t successfully be done, I just haven’t been crazy about too many recent ones. I’d love to see them remake ‘War Games’, and cast Josh Hutcherson. Maybe Jon Favreau directs?” I too am not the biggest fan of remakes and I love Overboard and can’t see how they could out-do the original. As for his suggestion I kinda like it, it may be a genius idea actually. Like I said looove the Harry Potter Series so my next question to Ben was…what in your opinion is the best epic movie series? He answered “Star Wars. I guess Harry Potter is a close second.” I am pretty happy with that answer as I love both series but I would put Harry Potter first! 😉 next I had to mention my love of odd movies. I love odd movies like “The Island” “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” “Elizabethtown” etc. do you? Are there any odd movies you love? Any you know of coming out soon along these lines? Ben answered “There’s a quirky film I saw called ‘Bernie’ that’s coming out later this year starring Jack Black that is a very dark and disturbing comedy that I enjoyed. I love all types of movies, but usually my favorites are ones that are honest, unafraid, and made with passion. The work of Woody Allen, David Fincher, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Spike Jonze, these are some of my favorite directors.” I am interested in “Bernie” already. It sounds right up my alley since I love “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” which was a serious turn for Jim Carrey. This sounds like a serious turn and out of the box film for Jack Black and I love that. This also answered my who are your favorite directors question. All of those directors are incredibly talented directors and I agree they have some of the best movies of all time under their belt. With all of the books turned movies lately I last asked what his favorite book turned movie is, and if there is a book he would like to see become a movie. To which he replied “In recent years, it’s ‘Into the Wild’. That movie meant a lot to me, as did the book. I thought Emile Hirsch was overlooked for an Oscar nomination that year.” I will agree with that statement my husband read “Into The Wild” and we own the movie. It is a great movie that is a deep and meaningful tragedy. If you see it and don’t love it or cry you are a robot basically. I would like to thank Ben so much for his participation and congratulate him on his many successes. Follow Ben on twitter to keep up with his career @IAmBenLyons Thanks again Ben!



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