Training With The Stars! – Mandy Ingber Interview

Today I scored the very first Twitter interview with Mandy Ingber, who just happens to be the Yoga Instructor to none other than the person whose body we would all love to have……the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Aniston. She also trains actresses such as the always fashionable Kate Beckinsale and the adorable Emily Blunt to name a few. The first quote on Mandy’s website is one that I think is very true and very beautiful “Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.” I can see why these A list actresses want Mandy to help them achieve their goals, she clearly has her head on her shoulders and has the right idea about positive body image. Mandy’s yoga and spinning classes are beyond very popular in Los Angeles, where she has been teaching for over 16 years. So needless to say I tried to ask the questions we all want to know from such an expert. My first question was to please tell me her favorite form of cardio workout to which Mandy answered “spinning is my all time cardio fave. I have been teaching since 1996, and was voted Best of Los Angeles. Love the catharsis.” She is right spinning is something I enjoy doing as well and if you have an instructor that picks great music it can make you forget how many calories you are actually torching because you are in Jam-Mode. She also went on to say how your diet is very personal and in addition to working out she has a long history with finding healthy eating habits and although she is no longer a Macrobiotic Vegan she was raised as one. My next question was what we all really want to know… what are those go-to Yoga Poses that keep Jennifer Aniston looking so great? Mandy replied “we do balances like half moon, tree, warrior 3, sun salutes, and yogalosophy moves to incorporate squats which I pair with chair.” (Yogolospophy is Mandy’s own creation, to buy Mandy’s Yogalosophy dvd you can go to her website or follow her on twitter @MsMandyIngber). Next I asked if Mandy would rather do workout videos, go to the gym, or work-out outdoors to which she said “I enjoy classes. I like group energy.” I will have to say if you are at all competitive group classes make me work a little harder because I know other people are watching me and I don’t like to be the weakest link so I agree with Mandy on the energy in group classes. In response to my question on what snacks she would recommend for us to eat to keep on the diet track Mandy suggested “I love nuts. Apples with salt and cinnamon. Steamed yam with olive oil. Love olives, Lara bars are pretty great.” I have to agree on the cinnamon apples I made those for Daniel and I a few months ago and baked them in the oven for “dessert” and it was just sweet enough to feel like a treat. As for the Lara bars, I am going to have to try those now! As for how much she recommends working out Mandy suggests “5 days” a week and when I asked what traps we often fall into that we should avoid she said “extremism. ‘cleansing’ then over-eating, over exercising and then stopping. Consistency will yield the greatest results.” Wow I cannot agree more with that statement, diet and exercise needs to be a life style change not a “diet” per se that we do and then stop. Mandy suggests to those of us that can’t cook to try a healthy cookbook and she really enjoys to “broil eggplant, zucchini, peppers, any veg…drizzle oil, salt. YUM!” This actually does sound yummy to me and although it is healthy it has flavor with the oil and salt- a must try! Last but not least the movie lover and Jennifer Aniston lover inside me had to wonder what her favorite Jennifer Aniston movie is “I actually really LOVE #Wanderlust. And The Good Girl.” I have not seen Wanderlust but The Good Girl is definitely the movie that set her apart from being Rachel Green, and it is actually a really dark but great movie. I agree with pretty much every piece of advice Mandy gave and she was so sweet to allow me to blog about her first ever live Twitter interview- and it was with me! I was honored and excited to do it. Thanks again Mandy!



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