Nobody Likes A Pale Face

This title comes from a famous quote by my friend Caroline. As college majorettes we were constantly trying to look our best and sometimes we got pale, which isn’t a pretty sight when you have to twirl in a glittery bathing suit. So needless to say we all have tried a lot of bronzers and self tanners. I am not opposed to getting spray tanned at all, in fact I would recommend Mystic Tan for upcoming big events that are worth the money. It is about $25 per single visit so I try to go only before weddings etc. For times I feel gross and transparently pale I try to tan at home to save $. My favorite spray tan in a can is definitely Neutrogena and I get the Deep color. I must stress that it works best to spray before bed, and wear something that you don’t mind getting a tad stained. Oh and turn the fan or AC on so you don’t sweat 😁. Yes they all have that smell, and yes they all rub off a bit but that is why they work! Now I will say I do spray my face as well as my body but the tan on your face fades the fastest. This is where the Hard Candy Glow All The Way gradual self tanner/bronzer comes in. You can use this product on your whole body but I usually just use it on my face. I mix it with my moisturizer and it tints it, and tans my face throughout the day gradually and gives it a nice glow. Now I will say a little bit goes a LONG way (think the size of your pinky nail for your face) and it is a dry cream so I always mix with moisturizer for my face or lotion for my body to avoid streaks. The Neutrogena usually costs about $10 and I usually make it last about 3 or 4 full body tans. The Hard Candy costs about $8 and at this rate it’ll last me til Christmas which is a great buy! Both can be found at Wal-Mart, Hard Candy is a new line and it is definitely something I’ll be trying more of.




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