Lashing Out!

I am a big fan of Cover Girl Lash Blast and have been since it came out. Lately I have switched to Lash Blast Luxe which adds shimmer and a pop of color.  You can get basic black or the following shimmery colors to make your eyes stand out…
Black Cabernet (red)
Black Royale (blue)
Black Emerald (green)
Black Platinum (silver)
I use black royale (which is blue) because I have deep brown eyes and blue makes them pop.  I want to try them all eventually, but right now I am in love with the touch of shimmery-blue against my dark brown eyes.  I also love this product because the wand doesn’t clump the mascara and it is easy to use the end of the wand to focus on lashes more individually.  Lash Blast Luxe also plumps my lashes really well and I by no means have “long lashes”.  All in all, this product is great if you want to be a little edgy without going overboard.  Pick one up on your next trip to the drugstore- you won’t regret it!






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