Jessica Simpson bags

For years now when I want a handbag I go straight to the Jessica Simpson Collection. I am very hard on my bags, and if you know me at all you know why. I am a “just in case” kind of person that always wins the purse game they often play at church events, wedding showers etc. I have a complete pharmacy with me along with emergency makeup and many many other things. Needless to day during my life I have broken many purse straps and literally tore apart many handbags through daily wear and tear. I am also not one to change purses often either. I usually purchase one to carry all season 3-4 months usually. With all that said I am the perfect person test the durability of a purse! Ever since I tried my first Jessica Simpson purse, I haven’t had to switch purses because I destroyed the one I had been using. I simply want a more trendy look. I cannot say enough good things about them they are priced well, very easy on the eyes and durable for even me. Plus most of them are easy to wipe dirt etc. right off of them with a damp cloth. They even have enough room for my whole pharmacy too! I recommend that you try one if you haven’t already!!! Daniel tests the cat strength of my fall/winter bag below…



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