I am a few weeks into InSanity and I love it! If you enjoyed P90x but want a shorter and more intense workout like me this is perfect for you too! The interval training keeps my heart rate high and it really has built up my strength and endurance already. Shaun T is a great motivator but not annoyingly in your face like some trainers may be. I love that first you always do a warmup and then stretch while your muscles are freshly warm. For the amount of different workout dvds you are getting plus a bonus workout dvd, calendar and food guide $120 is more than reasonable when you do the math. Another great thing about InSanity is that I go back and forth between Tennessee and Alabama and it is great to not have to lug around workout equipment. This program requires absolutely no equipment whatsoever so you can do it anywhere! I love a challenge and there is nothing worse than trying a new workout and being able to do it all the first time. With InSanity I have yet to do every rep Shaun T and the gang do on any dvd which is great because that means it is challenging to someone who already worked out 3-4x a week! I’ll keep you posted on my journey but so far A+! If you want to order it go to



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