Color Me Coral!

Coral is a big color for Spring and Summer and I am loving this pinky/coral OPI shade called “Come To Poppy.” Got my hands and feet done this shade today and thought I would share that at times it looks hot pink and at times it is a true coral shade. Great color for Spring!





Spring Scarves

I love me some lightweight Spring Scarves, I have several in pastel colors and two lacey neutral ones for Spring. Lace-like or delicate scarves are big for Spring and I just had to share the one I found today. To give you an idea, my other lace one that is also a neutral color was $18-20 from a boutique. Can you believe I found this one at Wal-Mart for $4.66? What a great fashion forward buy! I will have to say the others there weren’t as easy on the eyes that I saw there, but this one is a STEAL!




Better Bare!

Obviously I am very into bronzers! I have to say that I buy this pick once a year because I don’t use too much of it everyday (because I don’t want the oompa loompa look.) Quite frankly it just plain rocks and lasts a long time. It is “warmth” by Bare Minerals. I like to use warmth as my bronzer because it has warm/pinkish tones in it as well so it isn’t just brown like most bronzers. It adds warmth to my olive/yellowish skin which I love. I use it as my bronzer/blush because it serves both uses for me. I literally use it all year round so I never look washed out (sparingly) but a little bit goes a long way so don’t over-do it! Another plus is it won’t clog pores for those of you with sensitive skin and it is made 100% from crushed minerals. It leaves a flawless finish as well that looks good on all skin tones. This is less than $20 and should last you a year so that is a great price. Get yours at Sephora or Ulta!



Keeping Up With Kacie


I am so glad to share the charm of Kacie Boguskie with you all. I have known her for years and years and I can gladly say that she is still our same Kacie after her “Bachelor” fame. (We twirled baton together at The University of Tennessee GO VOLS!) Yes she is just as sweet as you all saw on TV and I am so proud that she has also been a good Christian example. It is surreal watching a friend on TV, much less getting her heart broken for all to see. I found myself getting very upset for her especially when certain digs were made at her expense. She was definitely the fan favorite for those of you that didn’t already know her too. All of our hearts broke for her when she was sent home clearly very hurt. Lets hope she finds her prince soon, that she is so deserving of. Since you all had so many questions about her, I have asked her some of your burning questions! (A)-Audra (K)-Kacie

A-Who are your friends from “The Bachelor” and will you and Courtney be friends?

K-I’m friends with most of the girls 🙂 I think my bff is Monica. Maybe removed from the show Courtney and I can start fresh and see… who knows!

A-Are you going to do “Bachelor Pad”?

K-That’s a good question. We’ll see!!

A-Do you think Ben and Courtney are in love?

K-I think Ben and Courtney are in love and I hope they last.

A-Would you date Ben now if he asked?

K-NO, Ben and I are two different people, be friends, yes, lovers… nahhh

A-Would you be “The Bachelorette”? If not you, who would you pick to be “The Bachelorette”?

K-I think it depends on where I am in my life as to if I would or not, but if not me I would pick Emily… Why not keep the Emily trend going!

A-Are you going to watch Emily’s season?

K-Of course! I think she’s a great girl and I hope things work out for her this time!

A-What country was your favorite to visit?

K-My favorite tropical place was Belize, but I LOVED Switzerland.

A-What did you girls do on non-date days?

K-Our nails!!!

A-Was it hard to keep it a secret from everyone before you left?

K- It was, you are about to up and just disappear. I had friends who actually thought I was mad at them for not responding for so long.

A-Was it hard having no contact with family/friends?

K-Very hard, the people you value the most you can’t share the most exciting and important things that are going on in your life with.

A-What was your highest and lowest point during the experience?

K-There were so many highs, but being dumped was the lowest for sure!!

A-Do you have any regrets about your time on the show?

K-I have zero regrets about the show. I try to live my life with no regrets! I do know that only wonderful things have come from it .

A-In theme with “Audra’s Picks” tell us your favorite picks in the following categories…

Fitness: Johnny Long’s Training
Academy Boot Camp and running

Haircare: Pantene

Makeup: Every kind… fav mascara: Yes! They’re real by Benefit and MAC foundation

Skincare: Rodan and Fields
(Kacie is now a representative for Rodan and Fields Skincare line follow her @Kacielynnb for more info)

Jewelry: CCSkye, Dogeared

Fashion: Depends on my mood, always love BCBG and Forever 21… loving JCrew this season

Movies: PS I love you… Basically sappy movies and romantic comedies… bascially anything lol

Music: Country, R&B, Rap… everything again

Actor: Matthew McConaughey

Actress: Rachel McAdams (Love that Rach is her fav too, mine are Jenn Garner and Rachel)

A-What are your religious beliefs?

K-I am a Christian who believes in one God. He guides me through everything.

A-Who inspires you?

K-My parents, they both love and support me.

A-What are your career goals?

K-I hope to one day start an organization to help teens and young adults with eating disorders. I know that it would have helped me tremediously if I had had something like that. (I love that Kacie feels so strongly about helping other girls with eating disorders. Having had one myself I agree it would have helped to talk to someone who had already dealt with it. I hope she gets this started!)

A-How do you get your hair so straight?

K-Lots of TLC and amazing hair products!! Biosilk is my hero.

A-How do you look so tan?

K-I’m naturally dark, but when I need a boost I get a spray tan, or use Loreal Sublime self tanner.

A-Are you dating anyone right now, are you and Ryan dating?

K-I’m not dating anyone exclusively right now. Ryan and I are great friends so far, and see each other when we’re in the same city. He’s an amazing person.

A-How has “The Bachelor” changed your daily life?

K-It makes it a little harder to run to the store in your sweats because you might have a few photo ops, but other than that it really seems to be pretty normal… but then again, what is normal??

A-What are your hobbies?

K-I love to run, workout, read, play with kids, shop, bike, sit on a patio with friends, travel, etc. (How adorable is she?)

A-What are three surprising facts about you?

K- 1. I’m horrible at returning e-mails.
2. I can’t understand rap songs and make up my own lyrics
3. I HATE mayonnaise

A-What are the most important things you look for in a mate?

K-They are a Christian, embrace every minute of life, outgoing, my best friend, and wants to make the world a better place.

I really hope Kacie finds her prince soon but if she doesn’t in the next year lets hope she will be “The Bachelorette.” She would be one of the most fun to watch and it would be more wholesome, like I anticipate Emily’s season will be. Follow the lovely Kacie on twitter @Kacielynnb for more! Love her and love you! Pic of Kacie and I below!


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Protect Your Tresses

Ion’s heat protection spray is my absolute must pick! If you only listen to one hair-care go to product listen to this one please. I use this (avoiding roots) before drying my hair always and in some cases before styling as well if my hair is very dry. A little goes a long way so don’t use too much and AVOID ROOTS please! I use it before using a comb on wet hair because it even helps to detangle. If you get a thermal protectant spray already that lists alcohol as an ingredient toss it now! Especially if it is listed first, second, or third. This is only drying out your hair further, and surprisingly most of them contain lots of alcohol which makes zero sense to me. Ion’s heat protection spray smoothes out frizz and leaves your hair healthy and silky without alcohol. If you are worried you may use too much and end up with greasy hair just use on wet hair sparingly then dry. You can purchase at Sally’s Beauty Supply for only $7.50!


Plump Your Pout

We all know that lip plumpers wear off quickly and few of them work at all. I say not all of them, DuWop Lip Venom is by far the best bang for your buck. It works the longest and you can actually feel the tingle as it works. Does it last forever, no! None of them do because this is not an injection afterall but if you want a subtle but plumper look for a bit this is the best one. Lip Venom is a transparent gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a spicy, tingly blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: An attractively pumped up pout. You can buy this at several places but I got mine at for $16. Enjoy!




Bronze for Summer

I absolutely love Turquoise for Spring/Summer it looks great on everyone. Right now HSN has this bronze cuff with turquoise on sale for $59.90. It is apart of the Studio Barse brand, I love the scroll work, bright color, oxidized finish, adjustability, and the fact that it isn’t your normal gold or silver! Be unique this summer and grab this at but not before I do!



Stringin’ Along

I am loving the bright colored OP brand string bikinis at Wal*Mart. They come in pink, blue, yellow, purple and black. This picture doesn’t do the pink justice, they are very vibrant colors. I got the pink and yellow and they are only $12 (total) or $6 each piece! Plus you could always mix and match since color blocking is big right now. Shop online or go to your local Wally World!