1 Hour Full Body Workout


Okay, I had a friend ask me to help her with some at-home workouts, so I am posting workout videos using various equipment that you can do at home. If you would also like to follow along with us – you certainly can. I know these days everyone is trying to sell ya something, but this is free. Some videos will require light weights or bands, but you can just about do everything without weights as well (or grab some water bottles or cans of soup.) Here is my first strength training workout below. I am calling this “Workout 1,” and it is broken up into sections via body parts.

The only video you really need light weights (3-5lbs) for is the arm video, you can get through the other two without them. So there is the arm workout, legs part 1, legs part 2, and abs. (YouTube made me break down the leg video because it was too long). The arm and ab videos are about 15 minutes each, and I believe the leg videos added together were about 25 minutes total. Let me know what else you would like to see me do, and I would be glad to share. I plan on doing instructional videos on resistance bands, the stability ball, and Valslides (or you could improvise this one with paper/plastic plates). See you soon!



Better sore than sorry!

Click below for each video

Audra Arm Workout 1

Audra Legs Workout 1 (Part 1)

Audra Legs Workout 1 (Part 2)

Audra Ab Workout


Mystikol Magic

Jane Iredale is kicking off 2017 with the unveiling of its new Mystikol® eyeliners. Available in four, richly pigmented and water-resistant shades, these perfectly saturated, creamy-liners make it super easy to create a liquid-like appearance, or they can be smudged like a powder or pencil to create a sultry winter eye look. 

The product also contains a built-in, removable brush, which is very high-quality imo, which makes eyeliner application #momlife or even #girlboss approved. These would also be great for any random kind of face art, or you could even use them as an eyeshadow if you smudge them all over. The best part is that a little bit goes a long way, and one of these puppies will last you a very long time!


Jane Iredale Mystikol® eyeliners, $24 at janeiredale.com (available January 16th!)

 · A water-resistant, crease-proof powder/cream formula creates a smoky eye in seconds

· The staying power of a liquid liner with the ease and versatility of a powder

· Includes an easy-to-use, snap in brush for a variety of sultry looks and clean, precise on-the-go application

· Coco glycerides help to smooth product effortlessly across the lids and lash line

· Smooth, creamy, blendable, buildable, richly-pigmented and long-wearing

Here I am wearing Onyx… below (dark brown eyes)

My suggestions based on your eye color…

Brown or Hazel- pop with Onyx or Amethyst

Blue or Green- pop with Smoky Quartz or Dark Topaz

Love to all,



Holiday Gift Guide

Here is a quick gift guide for any last minute shoppers ahem men…

Sparkly Sweater from Express. This will look good on any woman and it is very festive.

Champagne on ice gloss kit. Every woman needs this period.

Emily Giffin box set. Her books are relatable and entertaining – she will love them!

Nothing Too Fancy charity shirt for Friends of the Smokies. Great Cause + Great Quality = Great Gift 
Happy Shopping!

Makeup Looks From the Emmys


Get Priyanka Chopra’s striking red lips by using jane iredale Lip Fixation in Passion, $32 at janeiredale.com

· Dual-ended lip stain and lip gloss that provide hydration, color and shine without the use of petroleum


Achieve Padma Lakshmi’s bright fuchsia lips with jane iredale Lip Crayon in Charming, $18 at janeiredale.com

· Contains soothing Castor Seed Oil and nourishing Vitamin E to condition, soften and smooth your lips


Mimic Viola Davis’s deep purple pout with jane iredale PureMoist Lipstick in Annette, $25 at janeiredale.com

· The soothing properties of Moringa Oil saturate the lips with Vitamins A & C, while Coffee Seed Extract infuses with even more antioxidant protection



Wear Emily Ratajkowski’s bold, classic cat eye with jane iredale Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow, $17 at janeiredale.com

· A quick-drying liquid eye shadow with a smooth and luxurious formula


Master America Ferrera’s glowing skin with jane iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, $48 at janeiredale.com

· Contains apple and grapefruit extracts which exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin while minimizing the appearance of pores and wrinkles





Jane Iredale Summer Collection and Jane Iredale BB Cream

Okay, so I am in love! I’m not really a foundation girl, but I absolutely love Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream. I would consider it more of a foundation as is, compared to most bb creams. Most bb creams I have tried (Garnier, Proactiv) are runny like a moisturizer- with a hint of color. This is thicker like a medium coverage foundation (but it also moisturizes and provides sun protection). This is like a miracle product though, because as soon as I tried it I panicked. I put it on my face and was so disappointed that it didn’t match. It was far too yellow, even for my yellow-toned skin. I continued to rub it in anyway, and it magically changed to the perfect shade! It was like magic, no lie! I was amazed! I even made my mom try it and the same thing happened for her. I can’t explain it, but it actually says it will match your skin in the description, and that is no lie. I add a little moisturizer to it if I want lighter coverage, and use as is for a heavier coverage, it’s great! It does leave you with a dewy natural finish as well, which I love! So there’s my glowing review of the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream! Literally use it as a concealer if you want as well…(also a little goes a long way, this tube will last forever) love love love!

On to the summer collection (blushes/bronzer, brow powder, lip balm). These colors are amazing! I especially love the bronzers! The blush/bronzers are so shimmery for more of a “Nars Orgasm” shade use “rose dawn” blush bronzer. I love to use this one as a blush alone- it has the perfect pale pink touch with a shimmer that gives you an amazing sheen! Use “sunbeam” if you have darker skin and want a similar blush, or if you want a bronzer with a touch of pink to it. “Sunbeam” is a great blush/bronzer hybrid if you just buy one only. Then I love “moonglow” as my straight up bronzer/contour. They are all shimmery and gorgeous! Also, they are sectioned into ombre shades so they would be perfect to use as eyeshadows as well (genius)!!!! 

Next is the lip balm- perfect touch of color with spf protection, throw it in your bag for the summer-easy peasy! I used the brunette eyebrow powder and it is great, but the best part is the applicator. It trumps any other I have ever used- worth buying just for the brush alone! Best brow brush bar none, enough said there…just buy it! 

As usual all Jane Iredale products are non-toxic and safe to use! I am going to giveaway a special Summer Collection product to one lucky follower! Please post a link to this review on Facebook or Twitter to enter, be sure to use #AudrasPicks ! Follow Audra’s Picks for more (instagram, facebook and twitter links on my homepage) giveaway ends July 22!



Jane Iredale Spring Collection

I am loving the natural pink shades Jane Iredale has come up with for Spring 2016. These shades give you a little pinkish pastel palette to work with that compliments everyone’s skintone. It is a very undone and natural overall look, which I love. I am not a huge fan of the “instagram makeup” look in real life. It’s just way too much for us normal people! So these beautifully natural shades are perfect for everyone.

I tried the pure pressed blush in flawless, which is a deeper color that is very subtle. I don’t like super noticeable blushes, so I loved this! You could even contour with this, and it leaves a nice airy and light feel on your face. I think this shade would look great on anyone. 

The white tea lipgloss is my spirit animal! I absolutely love this shade! I am pregnant and suffering from my usual weird pregnancy symptom of super dry lips, so gloss is perfection for me right now. This shade is absolutely perfect too! It’s dark enough to show up, but light enough to give you a natural look at the same time. 

The naturally matte eyeshadow kit did not disappoint me either. My favorite thing about all Jane Iredale eyeshadows is how smoothly they glide on. Some other brands will be dry and go on roughly as they wrinkle your eyelids, which I loathe. Jane Iredale gets it right with not only a smooth shadow, but they also have the softest eyeshadow applicators that are worth investing in (but luckily they are included). The shades are rosey pinks and mauves, with a bone colored base and a smoky color for drama if you like (I smoked up my look above). It is a very versatile palette! 

The eyebrow kit in brunette was actually perfect for me even though I am blonde. It gives me a little bit more drama, and again the applicator is far superior to other brands and in my opinion makes the whole product!

Jane Iredale- BeautyPrep skincare line


 I was so excited to learn that Jane Iredale was starting a skincare line this Spring! I have tried all three of their BeautyPrep products and I have been happy with the results, and the safety of the products themselves. Like their makeup, they are free of harmful toxins, chemicals, (even gluten) and are cruelty free. Especially when you are pregnant, this is music to your ears. I like to say, “if you can’t use it when you’re pregnant, you probably shouldn’t use it ever.” -Am I right though? There are so many foods and products they ask us to avoid when pregnant, that we probably shouldn’t use ever! What I like about the entire Jane Iredale brand is that you never have to worry about any of that. Plus Jane Iredale  consists of VERY high quality makeup and skincare ingredients. 

I will say that the beautyprep facial cleanser (step 1) takes a little getting used to. It is designed not to be washed off, so it is the consistency of water. So make sure you have a cottonball handy for use, because it comes out fast. The toner (refines pores) and moisturizer (helps makeup last longer and keeps skin smooth) that follow are used like most (steps 2 and 3). The moisturizer is my favorite! It leaves you with a fresh and clean smell that feels AMAZING  (what you smell is the organic lemongrass extract). I would definitely recommend this line, you just feel like you are being kind to your skin when you use it. It almost feels like you went to a fancy spa after every use. I would love to know your thoughts when you try it out, so comment below.



Two of my favorite non-toxic brands for babies (and you) 

When I was pregnant with Hudson in 2013 I wasn’t aware of mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, fragrance and all of the other “bad ingredients” in baby and beauty products. Soon after he was born (Christmas night 2013) I started doing my research, and found out that most brands contain these harmful ingredients as well as other chemicals. Since then, I have found several safe brands (thanks to Ewg.com ‘s help). Two of my favorite baby brands are The Honest Company and Babyganics. Some products I prefer one brand over the other, but I really trust and enjoy both brands, and use them for myself (pregnant or not) and Hudson daily.

The Honest Company- Organic Healing Balm

I use this for cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, zits, chapped lips, hands and cheeks. It is amazing and one tube lasts forever! This is a great switch from bad things like Aquaphor.

Babyganics- Bubble bath

I use this to shave my legs and wash with and to wash Hudson (hair and body)

The Honest Company- Organic Body Oil

I use this alone or mixed with body lotion for stretch marks or just to moisturize (body and face- yes I said face). Also, add a drop to foundation that is too thick to thin it out or revive it.

Babyganics- Daily Lotion

I use on my face and body (alone or mixed with the body oil I mentioned)

The Honest Company and Babyganics- Sunscreen

I love both!

The Honest Company- Multi-Surface Cleaner

I use this absolutely everywhere! Counters, floors, Hudson’s mattress after a leak, you name it!

There are many more from each company that I love and use but these are a great start! Hope you enjoy!



Blog Switch

In case anyone is super confused about my many blog posts yesterday and my time-lines not matching up entirely…I just switched back to WordPress yesterday, and my blogs from my two years on my other hosting site wouldn’t transfer. So you may be confused by my timelines, and possible links not working etc. Moving forward everything will make a lot more sense to you, I promise. Those old posts were just too good to let go of forever, and never have any record of… so I just reposted most of them yesterday here. Hope you enjoy, the last 4-5 are from recent months so those should make sense. Just to make sure you understand my current situation I am now 7 months pregnant with a 2-year-old! Thanks for reading, write you again soon!